Deleting Brake Torque Management P01 PCM

Deleting Brake Torque Management P01 PCM

(Dale Follett 7-17-2018)

Ok next three photos will show you how to turn off Brake Torque Management in the P04 or "0411" PCM. This is practically required if you are running any kind of aftermarket larger camshaft on your LS engine due to the fact that with this factory feature turned on, the PCM once it sees the brakes being applied will pull ignition timing, which in turn can/will stall the engine or at the very least make it stumble/cough.

First thing is open up your tune file. Click the System tab and LOOK at what the system type is, DO NOT CHANGE IT, just make a mental note of it

Next Click on System Options, the button with the red arrows pointed to it

Go down the row with the red arrow till you find your system type. Then go over to the brake torque management box inline with the system type you have. My example 0411 file was the GMT800 system type so I went over to the red circled area and took the 1 (means its on) and changed it to 0 to turn it off

Then YOU MUST DO A WRITE ENTIRE and then boom, it'll be turned off, you'll be able to hit your brakes on a big cam application and it wont kill itself from pulling a bunch of timing from a table you are not allowed to see. This will turn off Brake Torque Management on your P01 or "0411" PCM.