"Blue Peter" Sessions

Club Members "Blue Peter" Sessions

** This section is for Club Members to "showcase" their model making skills! **

Tree Modelling Demonstration

Presented By: Chris & Mark

Date: 04 March 2020

Materials used:

1. Main structure multi strand soft iron wire as used for cattle electric fencing, fixed together with either hot glue gun or florist binding tape. A steel rod such as 4 inch nail glued in centre with a washer over bottom of nail to form a base for stability and to build root structures and tree still to be removable. An alternative is copper battery terminal cable.


2. After untwisting cable to form suitable structure cover trunk and larger branches with a mix of decorators filler (polyfilla ) PVA glue and a little water plus brown/ black mix of cheap acrylic paint mixed to a stiff consistency as can be painted on, the rest of the branches can be painted with a mix of PVA and paint. When dry, the whole structure can be spray or brush painted to suitable colour. If ivy tone is to be shown growing up the tree, use a cocktail stick to scribe strands of PVA up the trunk and sprinkle a suitable colour of flock on.

3. Foliage can be woodlands scenics, foliage teased out and fixed to branches with PVA or spray glue. Alternatively pollyfibre, either from woodland scenics or sprayed teased out pillow or cuddly toy filling can be fixed to branches, then after a spray of glue, flock powders or woodlands scenics turf blends can be sparingly scattered on to the pollyfibre.

4. Finally the whole tree should be given a spray of extra hold hair spray.

Scenic Method Demonstration

Presented By: Terry Bridgman

Date: 15 May 2019

Materials used:

1. Recycled shredded paper

2. Wall Plaster board adhesive

3. Water

Colour of choice (water based) i.e. acrylics

Reason this method came about:

15 years ago, trying to find a simpler & lighter way to create model scenery (i.e. rocks, fields, scenery, etc.).