Exhibition/Members Layouts

The layouts in this section are available for Exhibitions/shows, please see individual layout for details.

Links to Exhibition / Members Layouts available for shows

Harriston is a small N gauge layout which shows the potential of modelling in a relatively small space. It has attended a number of shows and been appreciated by many viewers.

A small 'OO' Gauge Layout built by Jim King, depicting a factory with a small wayside Holt for the factory staff and locals, set in the west of England during the 1960's.

Lower Hanworth is a small village on the edge of the Cotswolds. The only industry is the stone cutting works manufacturing paving slabs. The works are served from the adjacent limestone quarry which has its own narrow gauge railway.

Set in 1944 at a goods yard in a secret location somewhere in the Midlands. Loading various wagons ready for D-Day.

Spilsby is a rural market town in a predominantly agricultural area of Lincolnshire. It lies on the southern edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds and north of the Fens.

Imagine a world in which lorries had never been developed! What If depicts a world in which all freight is carried by small trains carrying small loads throughout the town.