Sykes Lane

Sykes Lane as it is now before the restoration begins!

Sykes Lane (Pickworth)

Layout Name: Sykes Lane

Gauge: OO Era: Mid 50's to Mid 60's Region: GWR/LMS

Size: 13', 2" x 2'

Team Members: Mick, Trevor, Darren, Grenville, Pete, Mick and John.

The Layout is currently under restoration by a number of club members; Darren Beeson, Trevor Jones, Mick Clarke, Grenville Jackson, Peter Bullimore, Mick Czopowyj and John.

The Layout will be run on DC. It is hopeful that Sykes Lane will be available for the Show at the end of May 2020.

Originally built by Ian Pickworth, his wife Maureen kindly donated the layout to the club on Ian's passing.

It is our aim to restore the layout to it's original glory and have it ready for exhibition at this years show in May.

Below are some photos of the layout as it was when originally built by Ian.

* Progress on the restoration of Sykes Lane and just like British Rail, "We are getting there"! *

Work on the Joining sections and the electrics is now progressing.

Some work is being done but mostly on Mobile Phones!

Work to commence on the entrance to the fiddle yard and electrics to the second board.

Pictures of the original Layout (Pickworth) as it was modelled by Ian, before being kindly donated to the Club by Maureen.