Lower Hanworth

Lower Hanworth Exhibition Layout. For details and availability, please see contact details below.

Lower Hanworth


Mike & Andrew Sharpe

Tel: 07977 931747

Email: sharpe_coultra@hotmail.com

Layout name: Lower Hanworth

Gauge: 009 / 00 Gauge (British)

Layout size: 3.95m x 2.55m (including barriers & operating space)

Operators: 2/3

Description for program:

Lower Hanworth is a small village on the edge of the Cotswolds. The only industry is the stone cutting works manufacturing paving slabs. The works are served from the adjacent limestone quarry which has its own narrow gauge railway.

As well as a means of transporting the stone to the mainline, the railway also runs a limited passenger service to the villages of Lower and Upper Hanworth