King Soopers Cards

Want an easy way to help the quilt club? You can link Smoky Hill Quilt Club to your King Soopers loyalty card. Every time you shop at King Soopers and use your card, the club benefits!

The payout is a percentage based on how much our group spends during each quarter of the year in relationship to other groups. Then we receive our payout at the end of each quarter.

The more the merrier, so encourage your friends and family members to sign up. If you have a husband with a different loyalty card than you, he can sign up too!

How to sign up

1. Go to and sign in to your loyalty account (you will need your user name and password). If you don't have a loyalty card, you can sign up for one.

2. Select My Account in the menu.

3. Go to Community Rewards.

4. Type "Smoky Hill Quilt Club" in the Find an Organization box and click Search.

4. The first item that shows up is our club. Click Enroll.

5. That's it!

Note: For City Market Stores, go to