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If you have a specific interest in shortwave transmitter sites of either domestic or international broadcast radio stations then you may be interested in joining a new radio group named: SHORTWAVESITES.


Shortwavesites is the title of our YAHOO GROUP created to share our interests in shortwave transmitter sites. This radio group has been established for: Radio Enthusiasts, SW DXers & Clubs, Radio Historians & Shortwave Radio Engineers & the like. The purpose of the group is to provide accurate & often technical information & discussion about both current & historical domestic & international shortwave (SW) broadcast band (BCB) radio station transmitter sites & related topics of interest.

Our Yahoo Group is a location where DXers & enthusiasts can:
X  Download frequently updated Microsoft Excel
spreadsheets (two files) of both current & extinct SW broadcast radio transmission site data, i.e. one for each. These are referred to as our: TRANSMITTER SITE DATABASE files. * Currently only available to regular contributors. Files under revision.
2. Share & access images &
Photos of SW transmitter sites.
3. View images of
QSL’s that display transmitter sites.
4. Access a
Database of stations that list transmitter sites on their QSLs.
5. Discuss relevant topics of interest & share images about current & historical SW transmitter sites within our popular
Message area.
6. Access our
Links page to web-pages about SW transmitter sites.
7. Access our
Files area for the TXer Site Databases & more..

Topics in the group could pertain to such things as discussion re curtain array slewing, transmitters used at specific sites, properties of specific types of antennas used at certain sites, efforts to match frequencies to certain transmitter sites using investigative techniques. Characteristics of SW transmitters. Opening & Closing dates of Shortwave TXer sites. Also for example; images of a switching matrix at a transmitter sites, stories of rehabilitation of sites after war or cyclone damage & so on.

We are not a group for SWLs or dxers interesting in loggings or info about new stations etc. 80% of our applications to join this group are from folk who want to join this group seemingly because they see the word Shortwave & want in for whatever reason & without understanding the true purpose of the group. We would like people who have something to offer the group by way of knowledge & keen to share material, experiences & to often build upon their knowledge. Feedback & material from SW TX site visits is always very welcome & encouraged.

OUR TRANSMITTER SITE DATABASE: Our Microsoft Excel Files contain data located under continental & country headings. We provide (where known) data such as:

a) Countries where sites located.

b) Accurate transmitter site names & locations.

c) Radio Stations that have used a particular transmitter site.

d) The date shortwave broadcasting commenced from a transmitter site.

e) The date the site ceased broadcasting on shortwave.

f) Accurate coordinates of shortwave transmitter sites for locating on ‘Google Earth’.

g) Fields to record logging & QSL data pertaining to TXer sites.

h) Callsigns and more. [ Click here for a sample view of our spreadsheets ]

Our transmitter site files & website is a work in progress as the exact location of many transmitter sites remain unknown. However our group is kept active with the arduous task of locating further information. The group thrives on each others enthusiasm & our popular usage of Google Earth ensures a fascinating experience for all members.

Our group is not solely restricted to shortwave sites. We happily accept contributions of significant LW, MW, FM & TV sites from time to time.

 MEMBERSHIP * Changes from November 10, 2013

Membership to the group is FREE & requires only:
i)   Your real name
ii)  Country of residence
iii) A couple of lines explaining your interest in the group & how you heard about us.

* Contributions are now compulsory. A three year initial window period for a member first joining the group is available for a member to make their first contribution. Members are also now required to make at least two contributions every five years. Exceptions to this rule is at the discretion of the Group Owner where many valuable contributions have been made in the past. 

* Existing members who joined the group in 2007 have until January 31st, 2014 to make a tx-site related contribution, if they have not done so since joining.

* Existing members who joined the group between 2008 & 2010 inclusive have until March 31st, 2014 to make a tx-site related contribution, if they have not done so since joining.

* Existing members who joined the group in either 2007 or 2008 have until December 31st, 2014 to make their 2nd contribution.

Regular contributions & offers of assistance with research are encouraged.  

To join; simply click on the link below or logon to & enter the word shortwavesites into the box titled: “FIND A YAHOO! GROUP” & hit the search button. Once at the group scroll down to the bottom right of the page & hit the button titled: “Join This Group”. Interested folk will require a Yahoo Group ID from Yahoo. If you have an ID joining is very easy, if not, a few minutes of your time will be required on the Yahoo website prior to joining to acquire one. Membership is generally approved within 24 hours.

Click here to join shortwavesites



SAMPLE PAGES of our transmitter site databases. [ Excel Worksheets ]


WANTED SITES [ Current Sites ] *

WANTED SITES [ Extinct Sites ]  * 

LINKS TO SCHEDULES [ B17 Transmission Schedules with listed Transmitter Sites ]


* = Assistance required


Further enquires & contributions may be directed to:

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