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WANTED: Information regarding currently in use Shortwave TXer Sites


Currently missing from our database are the geo-coordinates of the following operational (or inactive)  shortwave transmitter sites. Can you help us locate the exact & definite coordinates (accurate to Degrees, Minutes & Seconds of latitude/longitude) of the following shortwave transmitter sites?

Resources such as Google Earth, Google Maps & FlashEarth are terrific tools to assist with the location of such sites.

An example of a shortwave transmitter site coordinate would be:  39 57 28N 03 25 50W  If you enter these coordinates into Google Earth the Noblejas shortwave transmitter site of Radio Exterior de Espania would be revealed.


GERMANY  Imagery & confirmation of the location of the low powered: "Winsen (Aller)"  -  3975 / 6160kHz  1kW



CONGO (Dem. Rep.)  Bukavu  Radio Kahuzi

CONGO (Dem. Rep.)  Bunia  Radio Candip

CAMEROON  Buea  R. Buea - 6005kHz

ETHIOPIA  Mekelle  Voice of the Tigray Revolution, Voice of Peace, V. Dem Eritrea  Geja Dera or Jawe site later of Radio Ethiopia?  

ETHIOPIA  Addis Ababa - Radio Oromiya 6030kHz. Antenna not seen, but MW identified.  Geja Dera or Jawe site of Radio Ethiopia later?

LIBYA  Most sites & coordinates wanted for Libyan Jamahiriya Broadcasting Corp., if other than Sabrata.

UGANDA  Kampala - Mukono  Dunamis Shortwave - 4750kHz

More soon!




CHINA  Gutian - Xincheng  古田 - Voice of Strait (Haixia zhi Sheng)  - 6115, 7280, 11590kHz

INDONESIA  Palu  RRI Palu - 3950kHz

INDONESIA  Nabire   RRI Nabire - 7290kHz

INDONESIA  Bajawa, Flores  RSPK Ngada - 3579kHz  Ex. 2899kHz

INDONESIA  Jambi   RRI Jambi - 4925kHz  Inactive

INDONESIA  Rutang, Flores  RPDT2 Manggarai - 2960kHz   Inactive

INDONESIA  Serui  RRI Serui - 4605kHz

MYANMAR  Taunggyi  Defence Forces Broadcasting Unit - 5770kHz

NORTH KOREA  Kanggye  Voice of Korea - 6070kHz / Pyongyang Br. Station - 6070, 3959, 6100 & 11680kHz

NORTH KOREA  Pyongyang  Voice of Korea / Korean Central Br. Station 3250 / 2850 & 9665kHz

NORTH KOREA  Hamhung  Korean Central Br. Station - 3220kHz

NORTH KOREA  Chongjin  Korean Central Br. Station - 3940kHz (Most likely here: 41 45 38N? 129 42 28E?)

NORTH KOREA  Wonsan  Korean Central Br. Station - 3970kHz

SOUTH KOREA  ChunCheon - MND Radio Inactive late 2013 . Although listed, not 100% sure if a site actually ever existed.

VIETNAM  Dien Bien Phu Town  Radio The Voice of Vietnam - 6442kHz


PAPUA NEW GUINEA  Daru  NBC Radio Western - 3305kHz (suspect we have site, but confirmation required)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA  Kavieng  NBC Radio New Ireland - 3905kHz

PAPUA NEW GUINEA  Kerema  NBC Radio Gulf - 3245kHz. Inactive for many years.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA  Kundiawa  NBC Radio Simbu - 3355kHz

PAPUA NEW GUINEA  Lorengau  NBC Radio Manus - 3315kHz

PAPUA NEW GUINEA  Mendi  NBC Radio Southern Highlands - 3275kHz

PAPUA NEW GUINEA  Mount Hagen  NBC Radio Western Highlands - 3375kHz

PAPUA NEW GUINEA  Wabag  NBC Radio Enga - 2410kHz Inactive for many years.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA  Wewak  NBC Radio East Sepik - 3335kHz (Tentative site, two sites known to have existed in different periods - one near airport)


Most domestic sites wanted of what's left on air.

HONDURAS  - All current SW tx site locations are unknown.



Most domestic sites wanted from most nations.

BRAZIL - All current sites are known except those listed below:-

BRAZIL  Belém  Radio Cultura do Pará - 5045kHz

BRAZIL  Congonhas  Radio Congonhas - 4775kHz

BRAZIL  Manaus  Radio Cultura Ondas Tropicals - 4845kHz

BRAZIL  Xapuri  Radio Educ. 6 de Agosto - 3255kHz

COLOMBIA - All current SW tx site locations are unknown.

ECUADOR - All current SW tx sites locations are unknown with the exception of HCJB - Mount Pichincha.

PARAGUAY  - All current SW tx site locations are unknown with the exception of Radio Nacional del Paraguay - 9735kHz.

PERUAll current SW tx site locations are unknown. Exceptions are: Radio Chasqui - 5980kHz & Radio El. Sol de Los Andes - 3230kHz.

SURINAME  Paramaribo  Radio Apinti - 4990kHz

URUGUAY Tacuarembó  [ Unofficial ]  Emisora Chaná - 5931v. 

Also confirmations of the following Uruguay SW tx sites required:-

URUGUAY Artigas  LV de Artigas  - 6075kHz

URUGUAY Castillos  Radio Universo  - 6055kHz

URUGUAY Montevideo - La Paz  Radio Oriental - 11735kHz  10kW


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