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WANTED: Clarification as to the correct shortwave transmitter sites
Hi folks. Welcome to the web page where we detail transmitter sites that we have discovered, but are uncertain as to their use or purpose. The objective of this page is to determine, which if any of these sites are used for broadcast-band shortwave broadcasting. In attempting to achieve this goal we provide what information we have available regarding particular sites & hope that someone discovers this website who can contribute some valuable information for both our group & the global shortwave community. 
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BELARUS  Mahilioú  Belaruskoye Radjyo 1.

MW 1026kHz 50kW
SW 6190/7145/7235 too ??
53 58 16.88N 30 21 09.35E. Other comments suggest this is MW only. (October 2007)


Confirmation requested that the site coordinates of: 44 01 16N 18 08 16E was the site used by: 'Radio Televizija Bosne I Hercegovona' on 7102.5 USB+carrier (1996 - 1998 era). Dates that this site started using SW & end dates would be appreciated.

UKRAINE  Zaporizhia  Dniprovska Khvylia

Dniepropetrovsk 873kHz 10kW
48 25 48.37 N 35 08 25.46 E As for SW????? (October 2007)


ANGOLA   Luanda Two sites ....., maybe former Cuban SW communications towards
Habana ?

8°47'21.49"S 13°17'36.09"E ??
8°46'25.09"S 13°19'44.90"E ??

Or Luanda maritime radio ?? [Entry entered in 2007]

CENT. AFRICAN REP.  Bangui  Radio Centrafrique

CAF Bangui 1440kHz 7220 50kW
04 19 34.06 N 18 31 26.69 E. Comments and thoughts are that this might well be a telecommunications tower . (2006 & 2007)

LIBYA Sites & coordinates wanted for Libyan JJmahiriya Broadcasting Corp.

SUDAN Sudan Radio & TV Corporation ?

Al Aitahab 15 35 11N? 32 26 43E? Two rotatable HF log periodic antennas seen.

Soba 15 28 17N? 32 37 38E? Larger site with several curtain arrays seen. (2007)



What are these antennas at the site of KOL Israel at these Google Earth coordinates? 31°53'55.32"N  34°45'34.47"E    Is it perhaps antennas for:  Galei Zahal (Israel Defence Forces Radio)?????? (WB)

SAUDI ARABIA  Jeddah  Broadcasting Service of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Whilst we believe we have discovered the correct site for this station  there are other similar transmitter sites found at the following locations in the Jeddah region: 21 25 26N 39 12 03E but no SW antennas/mast seen. Also suspected to be located at: 21 07 35.16N 39 13 51.40E but distance between masts make SW usage unlikely for the broadcaster. Another site location is: 21 14 33N 39 09 36E - "it was supposed to be the MW site for 1512 and 648 kHz" - directional. One pair of masts at this site could be for HF to the west of the building? Confusion confusion.......


6 SW curtains at 139 / 319 degrees located at: 27 28 02N, 41 43 38E. What is this transmitter site?

319 degr aimed at Israel, Paris, London, USA

139 degr only towards Indian Ocean, Diego Garcia!

27 27 41.84 N  41 43 33.30 E

MW 612 and 945 appeared in 1987.
And also USB feeder outlets appeared from 1987 onwards.

In WRTH 1988 edition, a lot of USB feeder transmission frequencies of Arabic
1st and HQ pxs mentioned, like

2322 3868 5443 10990 15884 kHz

See p181 in WRTH 1988.
Maybe someone has still access to old Feeder lists of 1987 ?

TDP list mentions some Continental TXers delivered in 1983.

Old WWDXC Clandestine list of 1975 gives.
5345/8405 (in 1975 Voice of Free Yemeni South, against Aden)

Can anyone enlighten us?


INDIA  Aizawl AIR ?  found a lonely tower here: 23.7341 N 92.706 E




ANGOLABenguelaEm. Regional de Benguela             
 MW SITE @ 12.5528 S 13.4264 E. Possibly/maybe also site for former SW station.


 PAPUA NEW GUINEA  Keita  NBC Radio North Solomons 3325kHz  "It was near Aropa Airport."

 PAPUA NEW GUINEA  Kerema  NBC Radio Gulf - "located near the airport"


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