Shortwave Transmitter Site History

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Welcome to the historical page of the 'Shortwave Transmitter Site Archive', or the public promotional face of it at least. 

I'm sorry to disappoint, but as this page is still under-construction there isn't much to show for the moment. But if you have a historical interest in shortwave broadcastband (BCB) transmitter sites & associated radio stations you may be interested in joining a free webpage group called 'shortwavesites' - the group with interests in SW radio station transmitter sites - past & present.

If you are a current or ex radio engineer with involvement in shortwave BCB radio station installations or maintenance & you have knowledge or anything at all to contribute that would be of interest to us please drop us a line or join our group. We're supportive of sharing information here & we welcome all with an interest in or experience with shortwave radio station transmission sites.

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We're interested in attempting to source the exact transmitter site names & locations of the former two low powered shortwave broadcasters listed below. Also we're interested in sourcing the date shortwave transmissions commenced & ceased from their respective transmitter sites:

Turkish Police Radio - 6340/7370kHz  &  Turkish State Meteorological Service - 6900kHz 

If anyone has any information, site images or even a scanned QSL image please send it along & we'll publish the information here.