tnr (tuesday night races)

Everywhere there are cyclists you'll find some variation on the mid-week "worlds"--that casual gathering of go-fast folks who get together once a week to turn the pedals really fast, make themselves hurt really bad, and compete for victory in a race (that's not really a race) that no one will remember and no one cares about. We call ours the Tuesday Night Races.

January - May

Time:  Jan - DST, 3:30 pm; DST - Sept, 6:00 pm

Location:  Meet at the corner of Airport/Mt Estates & Gilbert/High

Description:  Four laps around a five mile circuit. First lap is casual, then we ride hard.

(click here for an interactive version with elevation profile)

If you’re driving, park at Southhampton Township Park, located about a mile west of our starting point on the northwest corner of Airport and Hershey/Neil.

When there are enough folks, we’ll send a “B” group out with a 3-5 minute advantage over the “A” group.

Everyone is welcome at this ride. If you get dropped, take the Mountain Estates Road shortcut and catch the group on their next time around. Or if you only want to ride two or three laps, that’s cool too.

When there are fewer folks, we generally work on skills for the first two laps—riding in a paceline, echelons, attacking, sprinting, chasing a breakaway—then the final two laps is game on.