saturday BTOGS (btogs = be there or get slower)

All year, but when folks are racing a lot (late spring, summer, fall) the rides are sporadic.  If you want weekly details, contact Dr. Goates and ask to get on his email list.

Time: Generally 9:00 am in the cold months, earlier in the warm months.

Our meeting place is usually 515 Brenton St, Shippensburg.  Again, for weekly details, contact Dr. Goates.

Description: A weekly group training ride.  Usually three to four hours in duration.  Varied terrain.

This isn't a cut-throat group ride, which is to say we don't want to drop anyone and we regroup after climbs or periods of intensity if someone feels the need to turn the pedals in anger for a bit.  That said, know your limits. 

If you want a group ride, but don't want to ride three to four hours, you're welcome to join us for the first hour or so and then loop back at your leisure.  Or meet us mid-ride.  Or ride with us until you get dropped and then do your own thing.  But folks planning to complete the ride should be capable of a 60-70 mile ride over varied terrain at a pace of something like 17-19 mph.  (Though when there's a decent group, and we're feeling froggy, average speeds may be significantly higher.)