official SU Cycling Club kit (2016)

YAY! New kit! You know you want one, so read on for instructions on how to get your own.

Students:  If you race or want to race for Shippensburg University in USA Cycling sanctioned events, you have to wear official Ship Cycling stuff, and this is it. The minimum you can get away with, by rule, is the jersey. But if you wear only the jersey your shorts have to be plain (they can't have big logos on the back or sides of some other company, school, or whatever).

If you plan to do any amount of regular riding, however, I strongly recommend at least jersey and bib shorts and maybe a couple pair of both. The club has several thermal winter jackets and wind vests for use among students, so get in touch if you're in need of that stuff. First come first served. The early bird gets, er...first choice at the size they want.

To order Shippensburg University Cycling Club clothing, send Dr. Goates an email. The pre-order is done in the fall, but there is usually some extra stuff lying around, and if you need it to race, we'll make sure you get something, even if you have to borrow someone else's gear.

Non-students (alumni, faculty/staff, anyone else): If you'd like to purchase official Shippensburg University Cycling Club clothing we want to sell it to you. Our pre-order is in the fall of each year, but when there's enough demand we can reorder in the spring as well (or any time of year, really). What you see above is what's available--jerseys, bib shorts, light thermal long-sleeved jerseys, and (not pictured) short-sleeved skin suits.

ALSO, new for 2016, the official Shippensburg University Cycling Club changing kilt. What?! Yes, indeed. A changing kilt. The absolutely vital piece of race-day kit that you had no idea you needed so much.

Drop Dr. Goates an email and he'll get back to you with pricing and other details.