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Call Down the Hawk

It's here at last!  Call Down the Hawk, my most recent mystery, follows Beyond Confusion in my 'history' of Latouche County.  It's a tale of failed fathers and feuding neighbors with a strong focus on the Gorge--land and money, some of it ill-gotten.  It reads fast.  I like it.  Let's hope the critics do too.  Herewith a handful of words of praise from past reviews:

"taut"--PW, "fast-moving action and suspense"--Library Journal, "intriguing"--Kirkus

Call Down the Hawk is available after Sept. 7 at Perseverance Press (an imprint of Daniel Publishing--www.danielpublishing.com/perseverance/.)  The ISBN number is 978-1-56474-597-2.

Jane August is a mixed-media artist who is visiting her much-married father and his fifth wife at his mansion in the Columbia River Gorge.  Doing a good turn for a neighbor at nearby Hawk Farm, she is swept into a vortex of secrets and betrayals--in both the cozy farmhouse and the palatial estate.

Call Down the Hawk centers on two victims, Frank August and Bill Hough (pronounced Hawk).  Both enjoy conflict for its own sake.  Hawk Farm is one focus of trouble, with the recent suicide of Hough and his daughter's trial by fire.  Another focus is the August mansion on the bluff above after Frank August vanishes amid charges of his bank's malfeasance.  Undersheriff Rob Neill is called to the scene when a bulldozer in the orchard uncovers Frank's corpse.  Until Chief Madeline Thomas of the Klalos clears the murk of violence from the land, Rob won't be able to uncover the truth.

The title of the book is taken from a poem by William Butler Yeats that goes "Call down the hawk from the air/Let him be hooded or caged..."  The hawks of Hawk Farm are both the late owner of the farm, a hero of both the football and military varieties, and his daughter, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan...and perhaps also his estranged son who was driven away from home by his father's violence.  It might also be said that Jane August seems drawn from a song by Joni Mitchell--"I'm a refugee from a wealthy family".