I was born in Montana and raised in eastern Oregon, graduated from the University of Washington, and have advanced degrees (English and history) from the UW and Portland State. I taught at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington, for more than thirty years before I retired to write full time. I've had eleven novels published—four regencies and seven mysteries—and am now collaborating with my friend, Sarah Webb, on a YA fantasy and an sf novel. I continue to write mysteries and might even be induced to write another regency if the spirit moved me. I've been happily married for more than forty years to a man who is not only terrific but a great photographer and a computer genius. I have a son whose company I enjoy and whose Rhodesian ridgeback, Mugabe, was the model for Towser in Buffalo Bill's Defunt.  I enjoy cooking, traveling, and reading (all kinds of fiction, archaeology and history). I've taught fiction writing, science fiction, and Irish history, among other things, and I miss teaching mainly for the students, who were wonderful. It may be that growing up with four brothers and a sister has had a greater impact on my fiction than my other life experiences, but who knows? I enjoy their company, too.