Cousinly Connexion

When Lady Meriden's eldest stepson and her dissolute husband die within days of each other, the estate is thrown into turmoil. No one in the family has seen the second son, the heir, for years, yet he inherits everything, including guardianship of his seven half-brothers and sisters. Lady Meriden's horrified niece, Jane Ash, rushes to her aunt's aid. Many months pass before the new baron arrives at Meriden Place, and Jane is left to cope with her ailing, self-dramatizing aunt and her bewildered cousins, all of whom have problems. Lady Meriden alternately spoils and neglects them.

Meanwhile the heir, Julian Stretton, is dealing with his own problems and wants nothing less than to play the heavy parent to his unknown siblings. When he does come, though, he and Jane form an unexpected alliance that leads, by twists and turns, to romance.

This was my first regency. I drew on my experience as the eldest of six children for it. It still makes me laugh, and I'm happy to say that a sparkling new edition in e-book format is now available from Uncial Press ( 

"A neat, quiet and pleasant Regency debut . . . bright repartee" Kirkus

". . . an entertaining excursion." PW

"The plot is different from the usual Regency retreads, the characters are appealing, and the dialogue is spritely enough to keep the novel tripping along merrily." LJ