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SharePoint Data Doc makes it easy to work with SharePoint list data from within MS Word. Query your data on SharePoint with the custom query builder and input it directly into your active document.

Create your own tables using your SharePoint data and then add them anytime directly to your active MS Word document. Then, at any stage, refresh them with live data from your SharePoint server.

Store your most used documents with SharePoint Data Doc Merge Fields, and then re-use them to make your document processing a breeze.

Use the Merge functionality to automate the generation of batch letters utilising your SharePoint data.

SharePoint Data Doc uses Windows SharePoint Services to return the data you need from your server at top speed. By specifying named List Connections you can add field identification Merge Fields into your active document. SPDD then uses these Merge Fields to position the data into the active document at the correct location. You can add these SPDD Merge Fields over existing text in your current documents to turn them into live data documents, all your text formatting such as font, size, italics etc will be preserved when the data is written to theses Fields.