About Me

First thing to say, I love travelling. If someone asks me about my final goal, I always give a smile and tell that I wanna see the world. I find peace, happiness and adventures in travelling. And it is the most essential part of my life. Probably one sentence is enough to express my passion - I wanna die on a mountaintop beneath the thousands of gazing stars. Also, if you find my bucket list, you will understand my sayings.

I entered in the teaching profession only because I have always wanted to share my views among people and motivate them. Someone said that, you can influence and contribute to other lives most by being a teacher. Therefore, I decided to be so; although I always used to say that I would enter industrial sides as because I had always dreamt of having my own company. But, I think it's quite difficult to be attached with both sectors while working in industries. But, I can make most of them both while working in the academic side. Yeah, that is another reason behind my motivation.

I love studying technologies. That's the primary reason I studied Information Technology which is quite related to Computer Science and Engineering. When someone asks me, what's the difference between these two, I say, CSE gives a closer look to the science behind every technologies. On the other hand, IT is closer to working with updated technologies. Also, it encourages entrepreneurship and makes you ready for the marketplace.

I am a sports person as well. I ride cycle (community/mountain bike) regularly. I did practiced roller skating as well. I used to practice as a professional cycle racer in mountain-bike category. And I really enjoyed the time. Cricket is my most favorite on-field game. I have been playing it since my school life. Football is in the list as well. While saying about indoor games, I love playing chess. And sometimes table tennis or carrom. Yes, I love video games as well. Although it is limited to only NFS most wanted, FIFA and Counter-Strike.