Here are a few links to some assorted issues that our website covers:

On 14th May 2011  the bishops of England and Wales announced that they are re-establishing the requirement to abstain from meat on Fridays.   As Bishop Christopher Budd (who was our bishop at the time) explained in his Ad clerum of July 2011, this is now a matter of “precept”, i.e. a legally established moral obligation.   Read more here

The November 2012 debate in the Church of England synod about whether to ordain women as bishops has served to has reawaken interest in the issue for us too.  It's thus timely to remember some of the reasons that the Catholic Church gives for not ordaining women.  Read more here 

Due to Christian Aid's cooperation in the provision of abortion our parish no longer participates in the town's Christian Aid Lenten Lunches.  Read more here