Edward Doran-Webb

Architect of the original Church

1864 - 1931, of Salisbury

St Edward’s Church:

Two cottages were demolished to build the church in 1910. The founding priest was Father Harcourt, an Englishman who had joined the French order. He later did missionary work in St Lucia. The tower was completed in 1925. The architect was Doran Webb, a very reknowned architect recommended by Lady Arundel of Wardour who generously supported the building of the church.

The altar is of alabaster set on Ashburton marble steps. The three panels show the implements associated with the crucifixion. The reredos shows the saints Michael and George, Bishop Saints Boniface (patron of the diocese) and Aldhelm of Sherborne, and St Edward in the centre. Stations of the Cross are by a pupil of Eric Gill. The consecration by Bishop Budd of Plymouth followed construction of the hall in 199… It is a tradition that the consecration waits until the church has been paid for.

The building is built of Tisbury stone. The Sanctus bell of 1849 from Wardour Castle was given to the church by Lady Arundel. There is a carillon installed in 1928.

Doran Webb is understood to be son to Philip Webb - one of the most eminent late Victorian architects and architect of Clouds House in East Knoyle.

Some buildings by Doran Webb as found on the web....

Stourhead House:

In 1902 the original decoration of the house was destroyed by a fire that gutted the central block. Doran Webb, a local architect and the more prestigious Sir Aston Webb who replaced him, produced an almost faithful reconstruction of Campbell's original work for Henry Hugh Arthur Hoare, the 6th Baronet.

Blackfriars Priory, Oxford

The new Priory was designed by the architect Doran Webb and construction stopped in 1929.

St Osmund's Church, Exeter Street, Salisbury

Designed 1847. Constructed 1847-48.

North aisle added to 1894 plans by E. Doran Webb.

St Joseph's, Bishop Stortford 1906


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Isleworth - Our Lady of Sorrows and St Bridget of Sweden

The Isleworth War Memorial. Photo below:

The Isleworth Bell Tower

TISBURY, EAST, St. Andrew (1910-1912)