Splice Site Analysis

Splice sites positions within the protein sequence alignment of human SH2 domains. The ClustalW alignment of all human SH2 domains was derived previously. The intron/exon splice sites indicated with a black line (Phase 0), blue circle (Phase 1), red circle (Phase 2) were collected from SMART (http://smart.embl-heidelberg.de) and Ensembl (http://www.ensembl.org). Splice sites were used to determine relationships between SH2 domains and to assist in the classification of SH2 families. Not shown is the splice pattern for SH2D7. SH2D7 shares identical splice patterns to SH2D2A and HSH2D. SH2 domains that do not contain splice sites within the boundaries of the SH2 domain (light blue shade) are indicated with an (*). 

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Hierarchiral clustering the human intron-exon splice sites. The intron-exon splice site boundary

positions from 120 SH2 domains overlaid onto protein structural predictions were organized by hierarchical clustering and represented in barcode form with the boundary positions indicated along the secondary structure (α, alpha helix; β, beta sheet) of the SH2 domain.   The splice site colors correspond to the different phases of the splice sites (Phase 0- dark blue, Phase 1- light blue, Phase 2-red).