Older Photos

Terry submitted this gorgeous photo of Lake Kissimmee at dawn.

These were all from 1 tournament at MM51, alias "Area 51" on July 8th, 2012. For the whole month leading up to the tourney, I was catching 5, 6 & 7 pounders every time I went there. On this day we caught 7 fish over 5 pounds, 1 over 7 and 2 over 8. I had the big fish of the day & year at 8.36 pounds.

If you look over my right shoulder, you can see the beginnings of a new ramp and dock that had just been started up. Prior to that, we used a make-shift dirt ramp on the east side of the canal. The water was reasonably clear and there was vegetation everywhere.

I lost many photos in a hard drive crash the next year. So since 2013, I have been double backing up everything, to local hard drives and the cloud every night.