Tournament summaries February 2020 - November 2022

November 2022

jeff, Bruce & Nick 1, 2, 3 at Lake O North

New waters - Same results

Wow, I did not see that coming. Hurricane, wind and rain. Great tournament as a whole for sure, Glad I did not CAVE and change date or location. Take notes Mike 😊 NO VOTES IS MY ADVICE TO YOU 😊

Very impressive to watch Jeff, Bruce, Nick and Ryan go at it for two days. Between the 4 of them, they took the top 4 places with a total of 40 Bass and a total weight of 98.31 pounds for the tournament.

Jeff showed us all who’s your Daddy. Looks like it will come to the last tournament who takes first place, top three and top six.

Jeff took first place with 29.13 pounds, Bruce Captured second with 24.51 pounds and Nick rounded off the top three with 22.45 pounds. Special honorable mention to Ryan who has fished with us for 5 tournaments and has not caught a 5 fish limit, until now. What a time to break his cherry with "the stud" putting him on fish with a very nice total of 22.22 pounds and won big fish for the first weigh in at 4.51 pounds. Jorge, "Horhey Santana" showed us all how to swoop in and catch big fish for the tournament with the only +5 pound fish caught at 5.22 pounds. Congratulations to the the top 4. Very impressive fight to the finish. Next tournament 12/11 at Slims.


On a serious not we all have had this kind of a 3 day. Mine was at Lake Placid.

Bill is now in the Witness Protection Program

Jeff, Bruce & Nick - 1, 2 & 3

Still our "Daddy"

Bruce #2

Nick, still killin it, #3

Ryan, Honorable Mention #4 & Saturday's big bass

More Memories from Lake Okeechobee

Jorge with the weekend's big bass at 5.22 pounds

Mike takes 5th place

Post Card worthy - Tony fishing at dawn.

Jeff picked up a hitch-hiker

The sunrises were just spectacular

These are the moments we will remember. Great friends, great times, and FISHING!

October 2022

jeff, Norbert & Tony,1, 2, 3 Holey Lands

Anglers forced to work hard for every bite

The Holey Lands were a challenge. Winds, rain and just a shitty catching fish day. Jeff, "Mr. Consistent" again topped the group with 10 lbs. Norbert took 2nd with 8.26 lbs and Tony rounded off the top 3 with 6.44 lbs. He also caught big fish for the tournament with a 4.07 pounder. Top 3 race continues to be very close. Only 40 pints separate 3rd from 6th. Don’t look now but Tony is making his move for a top 3 finish. It was nice seeing Dave again fishing with the club, hope to see more of him in the future.

Next tournament will be on 11/11 – 11/13 at Lake Okeechobee, North. Room assignments will be put out this week. Please if you are going up on Thursday stay in the room you are assigned.

October 2022

jeff, Norbert & Tony,1, 2, 3 Holey Lands

Anglers forced to work hard for every bite

The Holey Lands were a challenge. Winds, rain and just a shitty catching fish day. Jeff, "Mr. Consistent" again topped the group with 10 lbs. Norbert took 2nd with 8.26 lbs and Tony rounded off the top 3 with 6.44 lbs. He also caught big fish for the tournament with a 4.07 pounder. Top 3 race continues to be very close. Only 40 pints separate 3rd from 6th. Don’t look now but Tony is making his move for a top 3 finish. It was nice seeing Dave again fishing with the club, hope to see more of him in the future.

Next tournament will be on 11/11 – 11/13 at Lake Okeechobee, North. Room assignments will be put out this week. Please if you are going up on Thursday stay in the room you are assigned.

Holey Lands at dawn

September 2022

Nick, Tony & Jeff go 1, 2, 3 MM 34

Boating tragedy narrowly avoided

Good day of fishing at MM35. Nick continues to fish extremely well and has tied Jeff for first place in the A.O.Y. Standings. (could it be the Boat he bought from Jeff?) 😊 Nick took first place with a 13 pound bag, Tony came in 2nd with 12.33 pounds and won the BIG fish pot with a 5.18 pounder. Jeff rounded off the top three with 10.91 pounds.

The Angler of the Year race is as competitive as we've seen in many years. First place through 6th place is only separated by 109 points, and there are 9 people with legitimate shots at finishing in the top 3. But the real story is that there are ZERO points separating the top 2! It's not that Jeff has lost a step as much as it is that Nick has stepped up his game, especially in the area of consistency. They both have amazing records so far this year. Out of 10 tournaments, Jeff has had 6 top-3 finishes while Nick has had 5. In that same stretch, Jeff has 4 wins to Nick's 3. That's darn consistent!

The story of the tournament would not be complete with mentioning the close call Tony had when he beached his boat and narrowly avoided trees and injury. The experience is a lesson to all to stay 100% focused when you're driving these 2,000 pound+ vessels on the water. Thanks to some amazing work done by Terry, Javier & Anthony, they were able to "Macgyver" the boat back into the water the next day without even a scratch to the boat. Oh yeah, almost forgot, Jeff also drove a hook through the fleshy part of his hand, but didn't let that stop him.

Our next tournament will be 10/9/22 and weigh-in time will go back to 3:00 pm. Lets get some pre-fishing done. If I had to pick it would be Slims/BIG O !!! We are fishing the North end of the Lake in November and BIG O again in December. Mike will pick the January location as the new TD. It’s big O time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SLICE AND DICE.

Nick, Tony & Jeff take Top 3 honors

Tony & Anthony hunting for Big Game

She's finally out!


August 2022

Nick, Norbert & Dimas go 1, 2, 3 Sawgrass


A good tournament at Sawgrass for mid-August. Heavy rains days before the tournament slowed in down a bit from a week ago. Everybody caught limit plus. The race for top angler of the year is heating up. Nick has closed the gap between himself and Jeff and is now only 6 points behind. He's showing he has what it takes to at the very least challenge King Jeff for first place in the A.O.Y. competition. It will be interesting to see how this ends up. Top three is also a close one. Don’t count out Norbert, Bruce, Ozzy or Mike to fight it out in the top three race. Top six is still within reach of several anglers.

Nick does what he does best, thinks out of the box, goes against the grain and went where most did not and found quality fish and captured first place with 13.44 pounds also taking big fish pot with a bonus 10 points Bass that weighed 5.07 pounds. Coincidentally, last month's tournament's winning weight, won by Ozzy, also came in at 13.44 pounds. Norbert, Mr. Consistent, took second with 10.47 pounds. Dimas is showing his skills and proving that fishing from the back of the boat is not much of a hindrance, as he beat out the boater once again. He rounded out the top three with 10.25 pounds. Congratulations to the all three.

Next tournament will be on September 11th location T.B.D. by pre-fishing and finding a good location. We have 3 weeks to do so, this will give us a week to pre-fish the picked location.

Congratulations to Anthony and Ryan, They are now official members of the Bass Rattlers family !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nick, Norbert & Dimas, 1, 2, 3

Nick also scored a bonus big fish over 5

July 2022

ozzy, terry & norbert go 1, 2, 3 Sawgrass


First off we need to thank all the members that pre-fished in the past 4 weeks. Just proves how important pre-fishing is to the club. We always try to fish where the fish are. Sometimes the T.D has to wait until the last week to pick the best location. Sawgrass turned out to be a very good location, found by Terry, Dimas and Anthony 4 days before Tournament day, THANK YOU !!!!!

Ozzy had the best day on a good day of fishing and captured first place with 13.44 pounds. Terry took 2nd place with 12.78 pounds. Norbert rounded off the top 3 with 12.28 pounds and won Big fish with 4.18 pounds. Congratulations to the top three !!!!!!!!!!!

Next Tournament August 14th We will need pre-fishing reports. If you want a different location than the normal ones, we need to get out and Pre-fish !!!!

Ozzy, Terry Norbert take top 3 honors

Norbie had the BF of the day

Finally, a recent pic of Terry!

Jorge with 2 of his better fish

Tournament Standings

AOY Standings

June 2022

Jeff, Dimas & Terry go 1, 2, 3 MM 34


Well we did not see that coming. Other than Jeff "the vacuum" having one of his best days, most of us had one of our worst. The Alley was not on fire as it's been past weeks. There were only 4 guys that caught five fish limits. Jeff tore them up and captured 1st place with a very impressive bag that weighed 22.26 pounds with a 5.40 pound kicker. Dimas took second with a 12.67 pound bag and won the tournament big fish at 5.73 pounds. Terry rounded off the top three with 7.49 pounds, even though he only caught 2 fish and had a nice 4.96 lb. kicker. When you consider that Jeff didn't catch em flipping or pitching, and there was no significant top-water bite, his bag was pretty impressive. This performance enabled him to re-widen his AOY lead to 31 points over Nick in 2nd place. And Dimas made a whopping jump from 11th to 7th place. Congratulations to the top 3. Lets find a good location for July.

Anthony Pagan needs one more time fishing with a club member to be eligible to qualify to be voted in. Would be nice if we can get it done before the next tournament.

Sometimes it really does seem he has extra arms!

Dimas with the day's biggest and a solid Peacock

This photo from another tourney

May 2022

Mike, Nick & Jeff go 1, 2, 3 at Lake Ida

"King Mike" Defends his turf

Lake Ida proved to be challenging for most, but “King Mike” proved that home field advantage and time on the water are still valuable advantages. His 12.01 pounds was tops, along with his big bass of 3.52 pounds. No giants were caught on this day, but 8 out of 10 anglers did manage to bring in limits. Mike got out of bed 5 minutes before the launch, stopped home for lunch at noon, and had his boat back at the house before most of us got on the road. Just kidding, of course. But living up to the pressure of fishing on his home turf was weighing on his mind even before the launch. He delivered!

Nick finished strong again in 2nd with 10.36 pounds and Jeff still finished 3rd despite a 2 dead fish penalty. Norbert & Ozzy, who hardly moved from the launch site, came in 4th & 5th.

In other news, Tony didn’t catch any birds this time, but Bill did snag a duck. And Nick was picking fights with random boaters at the Ida boat ramp.

In the Angler of the Year race, Nick keeps the pressure on Jeff for the top spot. He narrowed Jeff’s 16 point lead down to 11 with his 2nd place finish. Mike’s strong outing helped him leap-frog over Ozzy & Bruce to grab 3rd place. Bill & Tony are still mired in a funk, wondering WTF happened?

Perhaps the line of the year so far came from Ozzy. When some of the guys were having a hard time removing Bruce’s 5th and tiny fish from the live-well. “Just open the drain and it will slide right out”, shouted the Oz Man. Yes, there were some very tiny fish brought in. If we didn’t have permits, it would have been one quick weigh-in!

Mike felt the pressure, but wore the crown well

2 nearly identical fish turned out the be the day's biggest

Nick has yet another strong finish

What in the world? Tony caught one of these. Any ideas?

April 2022

Jeff, Norbert & Nick go 1, 2, 3 at Lake Kissimmee

Norbert lays down the Lunker Bass gauntlet with a massive bruiser!

This tournament had a little bit of everything - except lots of bass.

High winds and dirty water made catching a limit something that few could do. But it did offer some BIG fish, great food & drinks, and a reunion with our old friend, Jack Phillips. The highlight of the weekend - something that very few stuck around to see, was Norbert's monster 8.04 pound bass, caught on the last day of the tourney. Surprisingly, it was his only catch that day, yet it was enough to propel him into 2nd place for the weekend. The really amazing feat was that he caught her with no trolling motor and on monofilament line! Completely at the mercy of the wind and current, Norbie somehow managed to bring her to the boat. We were told paramedics were required at the scene to restart his heart after the fight was over! Ozzy also netted a nice 5.51 pounder on day one, that gave him that day's big bass pot.

Almost lost in the excitement (not really) was Jeff & Nick, once again battling for top 3 honors. This was Jeff's 3rd consecutive first place victory out of 4 tournaments this year, and Nick's 3rd top 3 finish in the same number of tourneys. Jeff was the only angler with 2 limits, while Nick & Dimas each did it once.

Jack's pasta feast on Friday night was just perfect. He looks good, for an old fart, and he even laughed at a couple of Bill's relentless jokes all weekend! He hopes to once again join us in November when we travel to the north side of Okeechobee.

One note of possible interest was that we didn't see any bass that did not have leaches in their mouths. I don't know if this parasite infestation is something for the fish & game officials to be concerned over, but it can't be a good thing long-term.

Thanks to everyone for the photos!

Norbert with his monster 8.4 bass

Now THAT's a bucket mouth

Ozzy with the weekend's 2nd largest bass at 5.51 pounds

Big ole Catfish caught by Rick

Great to spend time with Jack!

Mike during practice

Raul is all smiles

Rick caught bass too

T with 2 nice keepers

March 2022

Jeff, Raul & Mike go 1, 2, 3 at Holiday park

Wow great day of catching FISH !!!!! lots of Bass but a shit load of other Species of fish not native to Florida. Some of us caught fish we have never seen before. Love catching those peacocks, lots of Fun. It was nice to see Rick back fishing. We all got to meet Anthony Pagan, potential new member, fishing with Dimas. 2 more outings with different members and he could be illegible to become a full member himself..

Jeff is starting off were he ended the last two years, taking first place with 10.80 pounds. There is no slowing him down !!!!!! Raul took second place with 8.81 pounds and Mike rounded off the top three with 8.70 pounds. Bill caught a nice 3.30 pounder and won Big Fish for the tournament. Congratulations to the top three.

With 1/4 of the season in the books, the biggest news is Nick staying close to Jeff for the top spot in the AOY race, Bruce & Mike hanging tough for the 3rd place race, and Raul temporarily dropping his shotgun and picking up his rods in a big way.

Next month is Lake Kissimmee and everyone is looking forward to that one!

Further discussions and votes took place and it's been agreed that we will no longer have Associate Members, since the benefits are basically non-existent. Updated By-Laws are being drafted and reviewed for approval before circulation and posting on this website. We urge every member to read the draft sent out and comment back to Bill on any suggestions, omissions or errors.

Raul makes a cameo appearance in the top 3. Good to see him get his game back!

February 2022

Jeff, Nick & Ozzy go 1, 2, 3 at Sawgrass

We had a nice tournament at Sawgrass. Weather was sunny with very windy conditions later in the day. There were a lot of very small fish caught. A few anglers found some descent fish. Jeff took first with 12.23 pounds, Nick is starting off the year on a high note and captured second place with 11.24 pounds and won big fish with a 4.62 pounder. Ozzy had a strong day and rounded off the top three with 9.58 pounds. Looks like Nick is giving Jeff a run this year and has a 8 point lead in A.O.Y. Congratulation to the top three.

Just to confirm what we voted on and need to make changes in the by-laws:

  1. From this point moving forward all new members that will be boaters need a 17 foot boat or larger. Current members that have boats less than 17 foot will be grandfathered in and will not have to get a longer boat.

  2. Trolling while fishing is not allowed. Exception will be if fishing brush piles you can use your trolling motor while going from one to the other not using your big motor.

  3. Associate member. Concerning big fish pot for the year. You can only be an associate member for one year. If as associate member you fish and want to be included in big fish pot you have to pay to get you caught up my the month you are fishing to be qualified. You have to pay and announce you are eligible before launch. (example, If associate member want to fish in October tournament he will need to pay $50.00 to get caught up.) Only Associate and Full Members are eligible for big bass of the year pot. Guests are not eligible.

Further discussions have resulted in language that will help clarify the Club's position. In order to qualify for the Lunker Bass pot you must have paid the full $60 BEFORE the last tournament of the year. So that means even a `Member or Associate Member who fishes one or a handful of tournaments and catches a fish that might hold up as big fish of the year, if they want that fish to be eligible, on the morning of the final tournament in December, they must pay up whatever they owe to match the $60 contributed by all other members. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Jeff & Nick swap 1st & 2nd positions & Ozzy joins the top 3.

Nick's BF at 4.62 pounds

January 2022

Nick, Bruce & Jeff go 1, 2, 3 at Lake O

This was one of the better tournaments this club has had at the Big O. Great Tournament. Job well done by all. It is nice to see two new names on the leader board. Nick kicked some ass and came in first with 13.88 pounds and had a 4.62 kicker. Bruce is on a roll with two very good showings in a row. Bruce captured 2nd with 12.56 pounds and won big fish pot with a 4.73 pounder. Jeff did not disappoint and rounded off the top 3 with 10.47 pounds. There was a ONE pound difference from 3rd to 7th. Great start to a new year. I see Bruce and Nick fighting for top spots for A.O.Y.

December 2021

Bruce, Jeff & Nick go 1, 2, 3 at Lake O

Well, another year is in the books. Jeff wins yet another AOY award - his 4th in a row! Tony is once again in the top 3 - for the 9th time in the last 12 years! And Bruce, Nick & Dimas finish the year very strong.

The Big O did not disappoint, for the most part it gave us a good tournament. 3 fish over 5 pounds, and 1 over 6. Nice limits for most and plenty of drama at the end. The big race was between Bill and Terry for third place in the AOY standings and a bigger cash payout. Terry went in with an 11 point lead. For that to change Terry would have to have a bad tournament and Bill needed a good one - something he typically doesn't do at Okeechobee. In the end, that's exactly what did happen. With a 17 point swing, Bill overtook Terry by 6 points to capture the third spot in the A.O.Y race! Both Nick & Terry were ultimately victimized by missing a tournament during the year due to prior commitments.

Jeff once again kicked ass again and took the AOY Championship, and Tony came in second. Congratulations to the top three !!!!! The AOY top six were rounded out by Terry, Dimas and Nick. Congratulations to the top 6. Bruce, who was 26 points out of 6th place going into the final tournament, had an incredible 81 point performance at Okeechobee and ended up a mere 5 points off the pace. Terry, who had caught the biggest bass of the year way back in January, had his doubts it would hold up when he actually witnessed Bruce catch his last fish. However, Bruce's bass came in at 6.50 pounds, and Terry hung on to win the Lunker Pot with his 6.61 pound Okeechobee bass.

Now for the results of yesterdays tournament. Bruce had a great tournament and came in first place with a 14.44 pound bag and won the holiday big fish pot with his impressive 6.50 pounder. Jeff captured 2nd and Nick in his first tournament in his new boat, came in 3rd. Other big bass caught were from Ozzy with a 5.51 pounder and Dimas with a 5.13 pounder. Bruce accurately pointed out that the top 3 on this day all came from Jeff's boats, past & present.

Next tournament will be at Slims on Jan 9th. Thanks for a great year!

Jeff, Bruce & Nick take top 3 at Okeechobee

Bruce hauls in 81 AOY points & a 6.50 pound bass

A beautiful Lake Okeechobee sunrise

Dimas with a 5.13 pound bass

AOY Top 3 for 2021

Big Bass for Tourney: Bruce 6.50

Big Bass of the Year: Terry 6.61

Novembner 2021

Jeff, ozzy & tony 1, 2, 3 at Lake placid

Wow!!!! What a bad tournament for the club. For the most part weather was great. We had a few casualties along the way. Raul blew a piston, Nick’s transmission on his truck broke down and had to get it towed, on top of that his trolling motor broke and he did not fish the last day. Now for the BAD NEWS. Jeff proved again how consistent he is in finding fish, and a working pattern. As he said he puts the work in on pre-fishing. There were only three guys that caught limits. Jeff, Ozzy and Tony. Jeff managed to catch limits on all three weigh- ins . Jeff lapped the field with a 1st place finish with 24.24 pounds and won big fish pot for the tournament with a 4.96 pounder. Ozzy took 2nd place with 17.51 pounds, Tony placed 3rd with 10.13 lbs. Dimas had his 2nd straight strong outing, narrowly losing out of the top 3 by .12 oz, along with Norbert.

Looking at Angler of the year the battle is between Terry and Bill for 3rd. Terry has 11 point lead over Bill with the Big O next on the list for December. Looks like the top 6 is locked in. Congrats to the top three !!!!!!!

A couple of side notes: Jorge and I would like to thank Jeff for tossing us a bone in the form of a great clue as to what might work in the closing hour of Sunday. If he hadn't, we might have come to the weigh-in holding only our rods - so to speak. Even with the lousy results we both had, Jorge and I had a great time as always.

And it was good to see Joey back out there on the water. He's a damn good angler and would make a terrific addition - to the club and to the story-telling! I hope he buys that boat!

Top 3 at Lake Placid

The 2 "old guys" bringing up the rear.

Jeff with the weekend's big bass - just a pinch under 5

Norbert with a solid keeper

Back to back gorgeous sunrises for Jorge

Beautiful skies everywhere you looked

One of the weekend's biggest downers - a blown engine on Raul's boat.

Bruce & Rick could be heard from across the lake shouting to each other.

Special thanks to Raul for this video and lots of great pictures!

October 2021

Dimas, Jeff & Nick 1, 2, 3 at Lake O

Big O was humbling for most, only 5 limits were caught. The weather was beautiful. We can never complain about spending a day on the water catching Bass. We will be back in Dec and Jan. For the good news: Dimas hunted down the Bass and captured first place with 9.14 pounds and won the big fish pot with a 3.19 pounder. It's the first time in 4 months someone named Bill didn't win the Big Bass pot! It's also the first time this year that the tourney winner also caught the day's biggest fish! That big fish separated him from Jeff after they tied in weight. This was Dimas' first win of the year, congratulations on breaking that cherry. Jeff took second also with 9.14 pounds and stays consistent. Although not mathematically impossible, the AOY race is virtually over. Jeff has realistically wrapped up his 4th consecutive AOY award - quite amazing! Nick rounded off the top three with 8.26 pounds. Congratulations to the top 3. Nick is planning on buying Jeff's boat and should be fishing more often and making every tournament in 2022. With that said Vegas predicts Nick could be a prohibitive favorite to land in the top 3 next year.

Although the AOY race looks to be over, the real battles now are shaping up for 2nd & 3rd place with 5 anglers within reach. Tony & Terry are in the driver's seats now. But Bill is only 9 points out, and Dimas and Nick have outside shots. With the potential for 4 more Big Fish pots looming (3 at Placid, 1 at Big O) anything is possible.

A note about membership: With the recent losses of Robert and Dave as full-time members, and the uncertain status of prior, current and possible future members like Raul, Ken, Javier and Ryan, we suddenly find ourselves back where we were a few years ago. We are being forced to shuffle the deck almost monthly to make sure we have enough boaters to handle the load. Boaters like to prepare their boats and rigging differently when they know they are alone vs. when they'll have a co-angler. Last minute shuffling is an inconvenience for everyone. Nobody has a problem with being a small club - we kinda like that. So we don't want to rush out and start trying to recruit new members. But we do have issues with reliability, and we need to re-establish the notion that when you're a member, you do have certain obligations to the group.

Next tournament will be our three day on Lake Placid 11/12,13th and 14th. See you there.

Just a quick note, we voted to eat out on both nights at Placid. If you plan on staying and grilling on your own, you must be sure you clean up afterwards. Thanks !!!!!!!

Thanks to Norbert for snapping this beauty!

September 2021

Jeff, Terry & Bill go 1, 2, 3 at sawgrass

At Sawgrass, the water was very high and hot. Single digit bags and only 3 limits caught. If we didn't have permits, there likely would have been ZERO legal limits caught! Overall, the fishing SUCKED !!!!!!!!!

Despite this, Jeff remains the standard-bearer by taking first place for the 5th time this year in 9 tournaments with 6.72 pounds. Terry came in second with 5.51 pounds and Bill rounded out the top three with 5.07. Bill also won his third consecutive "big fish" with only a 2.03 pounder, so we have to put it in quotes! Congratulations to the top 3.

Unless something very exciting happens in these last 3 tournaments, Terry could be the first angler to go wire-to-wire to win the Lunker Bass Pot. His 6.61 pounder was caught way back in January at Lake O. All 3 of the remaining venues do hold big fish, so anything could happen.

Next 3 tournaments will be Lake tournaments

Oct 17th – Big O - Slims

November 12th, 13th and 14th Lake Placid.

December 12th – Big O - Clewiston.

We don't usually post personal stuff on here, but given the extraordinary circumstances we are faced with we would like to ask everyone reading this to maintain their vigil of prayers and positive vibes to Rick's son, Ronnie, Vince's wife, Joanne, Ken's sister, and anyone else you know who's going through rough times.

Jeff, Terry & Bill 1, 2 & 3

August 2021

Jeff, Tony & Bill go 1, 2, 3 On the Alley

It wasn't the very best of days, but it wasn't a bust either.Tropical Depression Henry came and went and had little effect on the fishing. Other than a few rain showers, it was a pleasant day on the water. The cloud cover was appreciated.

Back in his familiar spot, Jeff took top honors with 13.66 pounds. Tony, who's also been very consistent this year, came in 2nd with 11.35 pounds. He once again edged out Bill by about 1/10 of a pound as BZ weighed in 11.24 pounds. Bill also had the day's 2 biggest bass at 3.30 and 3.41 pounds. Between the money he's earned from 2 big fish pots in a row and Rick's ATM donations, he will be buying a new trolling motor soon!

Jeff has finished in the top 3 in 7 of the 8 tournaments we've had this year! The only time he didn't, he finished 4th with almost 11 pounds. He's won 4 times, came in 2nd place once, and took 3rd twice. Incredible! Tony, who's finished in the top 3, 5 out of 8 times, has also demonstrated great consistency.

It's looking more and more like we will close out the year at Lake Okeechobee, except for the away tournament in November at Lake Placid. We are hoping to get some pre-fishing reports back from the gang so we can make good decisions about where to fish 3 of the last 4 tourneys.

Bill wants to give a special shout out to Bruce for his excellent net work. Usually we do this in jest as we poke fun at our UACO, or Urban Aquatic Containment Officer. But in this case he really saved my ass. My biggest fish broke free at the very last second, only to fall into Bruce's awaiting net and brought safely onto the boat! So I split the $50,000 check from my 3rd place finish with him and told him to put $100 for me on RED in roulette when he goes to Vegas soon!

Jeff brought up a good suggestion for a new rule to be considered by the Club. We have had a problem lately with boaters who have co-anglers assigned to them, not showing up and not calling to let us know. There is never a good reason for this. We all enjoy the communications glut of this 21st century. The whole club is a text message, email, or phone call away with the push of a button. Not letting us know you are not coming is a big problem! This really is true whether you have a partner or not. We need to know if you are ok before we take off.

As anyone who owns a boat knows, this creates a problem for everyone. Not only is it disrespectful to the non-boater, who now has to hook up with someone else, but as boaters we prep for each tourney based on if we are fishing alone or not. I'm sure non-boaters might prep differently too depending on who they might be fishing with. (As an example, if I was a non-boater, and I got paired with Robert, I knew we were going to be flipping thick cover tight to the boat, and I rigged accordingly.) Now I had no problem whatsoever taking Bruce on yesterday. I love fishing with Bruce, and I think he enjoys fishing with me. But because I thought I was fishing alone, I brought extra rods and an extra tackle box. This makes for a super tight squeeze for space, which impacts both anglers.

Jeff's suggestion is if you strand a non-boater for whatever reason, the very next month you MUST take on a co-angler, regardless of the outcome of Tony's random draw. I think it's a good suggestion and would like to see a discussion and vote on this soon!

Jeff, Tony, Bill 1-2-3 at MM 35

July 2021

Tony, Bill & Dimas go 1, 2, 3 On the Alley

A very good Tournament at M.M.35. There were several highlights to the day. More on those in a minute.

The fishing was very good for most. Seven out of 10 anglers caught close to or more than 10 pounds. Tony was tossing back 2 pounder after 2 pounder. That does not happen often!!! He took first place with 13.77 pounds. Bill captured 2nd with 13.66 pounds, a fish turd away from taking first place. And Dimas had a strong finish and rounded off the top three with 11.02 pounds. The guys who went West definitely did better than the East crew. It’s not often we see Jeff edged out of the top three. He did come in 4th with a very respectful 10.91 pound bag. With Terry and Nick inactive, Tony and Bill were able to jump over them in the AOY standings.

Next tournament will be on August 15th. Location T.B.D. Start pre-fishing if you can. Tony fished with William yesterday, a very nice guy and he's interested in joining the club. He needs to fish with one more person to qualify before next tournament. He's available any day of the week. Please welcome William and give him a call to help get him in the club. His e-mail is His phone number is 786-838-5000.

Now for some of the highlights. For the first time in a very long time Bill had the tourney's big fish - a whopping 5.4 pound Peacock! Both his and Bruce's jaws dropped wide open when they netted this pre-historic beast. We know down on the Amazon, these fish can grow to over 15 pounds. But here in Florida a 5 pounder is a rarity, and according to Bill, "it felt like a friggin gator" Jeff called it "the fish of a lifetime", and we agree.

Rick, a.k.a "Mr. ATM", did show up in his brand new shirt and did not disappoint. It was raining dollar bills once again! Thanks Rick !!!!!

Congratulations to the top three and Bill for showing us that awesome looking 5.4 pound peacock.

Guy’s need your help on this matter. We have been slack on notifying us if you do not intend on fishing. Even if something comes up last minute (and we know it happens) the boater or non-boater is depending on you. Even if you're fishing alone, we don't know if you're ok, overslept, changing a flat on the side of the road, or got called in to work. Even if you are a non-boater and you do not show up. The boater is waiting on you at the ramp until the last minute to take off. He also rigs his boat knowing you will be on it. It is very important to communicate with Tony or the guy you are fishing with. Don't make us worry about you.

She ate all 3 treble hooks on my biggest spook

Mr. ATM at his favorite strip club

Special thanks to Bruce & Norbert for taking the photos.

June 2021

Dave, Terry & Jeff 1, 2, 3 go at Sawgrass

First off we want to welcome Ken to the South Florida Bass Rattlers. In a very tough day Ken finished 4th for the day. Great job under those conditions.

There were some members that were concerned about two clubs fishing out of Sawgrass. I can tell you I showed up at 5:30 was second in line to drop my boat in the water. Plenty of room to pull boat up to shore line get out and give permits out get back in and launch before safe light. No rain. Nice breeze. We weighed in at 1:00, I was in my car heading home at 1:25.

Now for the bad news, Catching fish SUCKED. It was a very tough day out there. As you can see by the weights below the fish disappeared. Only 3 guys caught 5 fish Jeff, Terry and Dave, and Terry had the day's big fish at 4.18 pounds. That's the 3rd time in 6 tourneys that he's had big fish. It's pretty clear he wasn't kidding early in the year when he stated that he needed to get his mojo back and climb back up to the top of the pack where he belongs! Even the guys who caught 5 fish limits will tell you, it was slow going out there, especially compared to the reports we were getting from pre-fishing.

Condolences to Joe Smith, who suffered a death in the family and missed the tournament.

Terry's big bass of the day at 4.18 and a healthy Peacock

May 2021

Robert, Nick & Jeff 1, 2, 3 go at Sawgrass

This month's tournament was outstanding. Everybody caught lots of quality fish. I can only speak for myself, I caught at least 30 Bass and 4 Peacocks. Most were just under 2 pounds. That’s a good day in my book !!!!! I fished with Joe Smith, a potential new member. Great guy a very good angler. He is ready to join the club, but he needs to fish with at least one more guy before the next tournament. If you are going to pre-fish give Joe a call.

Now for the results. Robert has his cape off and is flying in to be on the top. He took first place for the second time in in five months and has moved in to second place with a very nice bag 13.66 pounds. Nick came in second with 12.23 pounds and is moving up the standings. Jeff the vacuum continues to dominate with a third place finish with 11.90 pounds.

Congratulations to the top three. Norbert caught Big Fish with a 3.63 pounder. Point of interest, Terry dropped his biggest fish in the water at weigh in and was only able to weigh in 4 fish. It sucks when that happens !!!!! Rick got what he wanted and fished alone BUT still made it rain dollar bills 😊. You go Flo Rider.

It might be premature to make predictions, especially since Jeff has been so consistent the last 3 years. But we're smelling a real battle this year for the top 3 spots between Jeff, Robert, Nick, and Tony. We already know Robert is more than capable. He’s won the AOY award many times in the past. For him it’s more a question of IF he can make it to the tourneys. And Nick, although one of the youngest members, looks like he’s ready to take a step up and join the big guns. Tony has lived in the top 3 for many years now, so his presence there won't shock anyone. Should be fun to watch!

We'd also like to thank Rick for continuing to contribute to Bill's grandkid’s college funds. He has now paid him $4,173 one dollar bills, and still owes back taxes on 11 other tourneys! Love ya Rick, and you NEED a new hearing aid!


The big 3 this month

Bruce showing Robert how it's done.

Rick won't be able to make it to the Pussycat Lounge this month. He's fresh out of $1's

Jeff, Nick & Terry Go 1, 2, 3 at Kiss

April 2021

First off, a big shout out to a few guy’s that went the extra mile to make our trip more enjoyable. Jeff, Bruce, Raul prepared, cooked and cleaned up before and after every dinner. Raul, Mike & Vince helped most of us get our boats in and out of the water. It was good to see Vince out there with the guys. And Tony did his usual outstanding job of coordinating and running the whole tourney. The fishing wasn’t great for most but a few guys really kicked ass. There were only five guys that caught limits at both weigh-in's, they were also the only guys to catch five fish at any weigh in. Congrats to Jeff, Nick, Terry, Robert and Tony. We all had a great time bullshitting, eating and drinking. The food was good, the liquor smooth, and the B.S. was in overdrive. That’s what its all about, you learn more about the guys in the club every time we have a weekend tournament.

Jeff won yet another tournament with 25.95 pounds and caught a nice 5.84 pounder. His consistency is truly remarkable. So far, he's won 3 of the first 4 tournaments, and finished 2nd in the one he didn't win! Nick made it a very close race and was on fire too. He captured second with 25.46, only 1/2 pound from winning. He also had the BIG fish of the tournament with a 6.36 pounder. Eye witnesses confirm that he almost had a real monster fish, but she escaped. Terry, who took third, was very consistent, bringing in and catching 2 pounders all day. He weighed in 22.37 pounds. Terry also had a beast on the line who managed to escape. Robert took third with 15.80 pounds. There were 5 fish brought in that weighed in over 4 pounds. Congratulations to the top three, thank you to all for making this tournament a great time.

As usual, Billy the Spook's predictions (formerly known as Billy the Greek) were a bit off the mark. He had forecast a bottom third finish for himself and that Rick would finish dead last. Well, the Spook came in 6th place, and Rick finished 2 spots above last. He promises to have deeper discussions with his Shaman (Robert - a.k.a. Superman) before making his next set of predictions.

Below are some photos from the weekend, and a really cool video shot & assembled by Raul.

Kissimmee Final Standings

Top 3 from Kissimmee

Jeff, Tony & Terry Go 1, 2, 3 at MM 34

March 2021

Great tournament on the Alley. Lots of Bass caught and 67 Bass brought to the scale. What a day on the water. Jeff took first place with 9.14 pounds, Tony captured 2nd with 8.59 and Terry rounded off the top three with 8.37 pounds. Mike won the big fish pot with a 3.19 pounder. It was also good to see old friend, Tommy Huskins back on the water. There's a chance he could be re-joining the fun soon.

Robert, Jeff & Tony Go 1, 2, 3 at Big O

Feb 2021

Again we can not hit the Big O on the right day, Big O has our number, Days before our tournament the Lake was on fire !!!!!!!! And the day after, the winds were virtually gone.

Another bad fishing day for the Club at Big O. The weather made fishing very tough. We will get it right one of these days. There were only 3 of us that caught 5 fish !!!! there were 4 guys that did not catch a fish. With that said there were a few guys that figured it out. Robert put his cape on and flew in with the win with 11.13 pounds. Jeff did not disappoint and took second with 10.63. Tony rounded off the top three with 8.37. These three guys were the top three last month at Okeechobee. Terry caught big fish for the second month in a row, this month he won big fish with a 4.62 pounder. Congratulations to the top 3 and Terry for Big fish of the tournament.

I guess Ricks dollar machine is broke 😊 😊

We voted on two items yesterday. Big Fish for the year, The person that catches the biggest fish of the year will get paid after the year end. We voted on the November 3 day, Lake Placid won hands down.

Jeff, Tony & Robert go 1, 2, 3 in season opener

Jan 2021

Not a great day at the Big O for the club. Many of us LOVE fishing the Big O, but the fact is only a hand fill of us do well. Yes it is true at any cast you can catch a 6 plus pounder as was evident yesterday with Terry catching 6.61 pounder on one of the last casts of the day. Last year’s big Bass was also caught at the Big O. But Sunday there were only 4 limits caught and 4 guys caught 2 or less bass. Yes as a club we need to fish Big O at least 4 times a year in my opinion. We need to pre-fish more. Please post your findings good or bad.. We should pre-fish Sawgrass, Ida and the alley in the next couple weeks. We have 4 weekends before our next Tournament, We would kike to give the club two weeks’ notice on the next location .

Jeff started out where he left off, finishing in first place with 14.44 pounds and caught a 12 point bonus bass at 5.84 pounds. Tony took second place with 12.67 pounds and Robert rounded off the top three with 11.02 pounds. Robert has told me he is back and is in it to win it !!!!!! Terry caught Big fish of the day with a whopping 6.61 pounder and earned 14 bonus points. If history is a judge of big fish for the year, Terry has a good chance to go all the way with this one. Lets see if this big fish helps Terry turn it around for him this year.

Next tournament is on 2/22. Lets find a great location.

Jeff caps off 2020 with a 9+ pound giant at Okeechobee during practice.

Tony, Terry & Jeff finish off Okeechobee

December 6, 2020

Another very good tournament on Lake O. The weather was pretty cooperative as far as the wind goes, but nowhere near the 4 MPH predicted by forecasters. There were a lot of two pounders caught and most bags were in the 8 to 10 pound range. Tony was able to capture 1st place two months in a row at Lake O with 11 pounds also split the big fish pot with Jorge. They both had bass weighing in at 3.07 pounds. 2nd place went to Top Water Terry with 10.5 pounds. Rumor has it he is now throwing worms 😊 Mister consistent, Jeff, rounded off the top three with 10.19 pounds. Great day on the water today.

A.O.Y was very close this year, Jeff took his 3rd consecutive title by almost 27 points after a slow start to his season. A job well done again !!!!!!! Tony had 2 good tournaments at Big O and was able to take 2nd place overtaking Norbert on the last day. Congratulations to the top 3 . Jorge, The Terminator, finished the year in 4th place. That's the highest finish by a full-time non-boater since 2016, when he again finished in the top 6. Robert came in 5th despite missing 2 tournaments. And Nick rounds off the top 6. Congrats to the top six. Tony won the Lunker Bass pot for the year with his 6.69 bass which was also caught at Okeechobee back in July. Big payday for Tony, who just sold his estate for a cool 6 million. Kidding aside, it's good to see him regain the consistency he was once well known for. That magical 7 pound barrier has proven to be a bitch to overcome!

It was a great year. Thank you to the entire club for making this year special, especially with all this COVID SHIT !!!!!!!!!! We did not let it get in the way of making fishing something we all looked forward to.

Bruce at Sunrise

Jorge finishes in top 6. First full-time non-boater to do so since he did it in 2016!

Old Sol just peeking over the horizon

TWT was forced to be more versatile this year

The Gladiator back in form

Tony, Terry & Jeff go 1, 2, 3

Tony, Jorge & Mike Take Top Honors at Okeechobee

November 21, 2020

Even with some strong winds on day 1 the fishing was pretty good for the most part. Tony took first place with 23.07 pounds and won the Saturday big fish pot with a 4.5 pounder. Nick had the weekend's biggest bass at 5.5 pounds. Jorge the Terminator took 2nd place with 23 pounds just .07 from winning the whole thing. Jorge has proven all year you can win from the back of any boat. He has also moved to 4th place in the A.O.Y. standings. Mike and Robert battled it out for 3rd place, Mike took 3rd with 21.13 pounds and Robert had 20.19. Congrats to the top three. The standings are very close, December tournament might decide 1ST THROUGH 6.

The weekend wasn't without mishaps. Dave got stuck, Terry had electrical problems, Ozzy sustained boat damage from very rough waves, and Nick had a trailer tire explode on the ride home.

The final month will have plenty of drama, unlike recent years. Norbert & Tony still have outside chances of swiping the AOY title from Jeff. And 5 anglers have very realistic shots at making the final 3 spots in the top 6.

Some amazing sunrises to behold

Bruce rescued a lizard, so he rode along on his head for hours

Jeff had his own fish-finder ride along

Nick blew out a tire driving home

Just ounces from 3rd place

Terry grew extra arms

Robert, Norbert & Bill go 1, 2, 3 AT LOX

Robert Grabs Big Fish Too

October 18, 2020

The weather was better than expected. Catching Bass other than dinks was tough as you can see by the total weights. The water in the flats were very clean, healthy grass and nice cover. Plenty of dinks !!!!!!! All in all the club had a great time and caught lot’s of Fish for the most part. Robert was able to find bigger fish and took first place with 8.90 pounds and found the only nice size bass weighing at 4.31 pounds and took home the big fish pot. Norbert continues to do well at Lox and captured second place with 7.31 pounds. Bill rounded off the top three with 5.31 pounds. Congratulations to the top three, job well done !!!!!!!

Nick Desiderio (alias Popeye) ate a can of spinach and jumped in the water to push Bill's boat out of the mud. No truth to the rumor that he pushed out a turd while do this - although the picture does give you doubts!

And tough luck for Terry who had boat problems that hampered him and forced him to catch only 1 fish. Special thanks to Jeff who towed Terry back in and lost valuable fishing time too.

The end of the year is two months away and the top 3 and the top six standings are getting closer. Norbert and Jeff are only 24 pts apart for 1st place. Tony only has 19 and 22 point leads on Bill and Dimas for 3rd place. 4th through 9th place is only separated by 17 points. Only 2 more chances to take the Lunker Pot money away from Tony, who's 6.69 pound bass caught at Lake Okeechobee in July was the biggest of the year.

Next tournament will be at the Big O, Lodging will be at Rolland Martins from November 20th, 21st and 23rd.


BF Y-T-D = Tony @ 6.69


Mike Havens Grabs Big Fish

September 13, 2020

Great tournament, weather turned out surprisingly nice. Lots of fish caught by most. Jeff took first place with 12.13 pounds, Norbert captured second with 9.56 pounds and Terry rounded off the top three 8.31. Tournament big bass was won by Mike with a nice 4.5 pound Bass. Congrats to the top three and Mike for winning the big fish pot. After a slow start to 2020, Jeff has now placed in the top 3 for 5 consecutive tournaments. Norbert has just had his 2nd consecutive top 3. A.O.Y race is heating up and is very close at the top, 39 points separates the top two anglers. Top six is very close also. 9 points separate 6 through 9. Next month we are at Lox. September we go back to 3:00 pm weigh-ins.

Note: Terry & Jeff's photos are from previous tournaments. Bill & Tony's pics are from Ida practice.

Jeff, Norbert & Tony Take Top Honors at LOX

August 16, 2020

Wow as predicted it was hotter than HELL out there!!!! Water temps were hot, no breeze, water was high and the fishing sucked for most. Jeff, Norbert and Robert found some quality fish. Jeff kicked ass and finished in first place with 11.88 pounds. Norbert took second with 8.31 pounds and won big fish pot with a 5.88 pounder, that will show you how tough it was. Terry and Tony shared third place with 4.87 . It sucked for Robert and Dave who could not make it back in time for weigh in and Robert lost a 17 pound bag. Congratulation to the top three. Next tournament is September 13th. Location T.B.D.

By the way, this is the first time I can recall that the top 3 from the last tourney are in the exact same order as the top 3 Y-T-D in AOY competition.

AOY LOX Results

Dimas, Tony & Jeff go 1, 2, 3 at Lake O

July 12, 2020


Wow, that was a vicious thunder storm. In all the years on that lake I never seen it that bad for so long. Its very important that your bilge pump is working correctly, it can fill up quickly. As for the fishing, we will call it a so so day. You got to love fishing that Lake !!!!! Dimas took first place with 10.63 pounds, Tony came in 2nd with 9.50 pounds and won the big fish pot with a 6.69 pounder so far big fish for the year. Jeff rounded off the top three with 7.94 pounds. Ozzy brought in a nice 6 pounder, nice to see two 6 plus bass brought to the scales. This is Jeff’s third straight top three finish and has come in the top three 4 out of six tournaments. Jeff has taken the top in the A.O.Y. The top six is very close this year, anybody can take it this year. Congratulations to the top three !!!!!!!

We are NOT singling any one or two anglers, but it is important to remind everyone that if, for whatever reason, you decide to call it quits during a tournament, you need to notify a Board member. We are more than a fishing club, we are good friends who look out for each other. Bad weather and big lakes can lead to disasters. And if we don't know where you are and you're not at the weigh-in, we start to worry.

Big Fish Y-T-D Tony @ 6.69

Holiday Park Humbles all but Joe

June 14, 2020

Yesterday’s tournament was the worse that we can remember in the past 20 years. Not surprised, Terry and everybody else that pre-fished said this was going to happen. Well here is the startling news, 12 out of 18 guys got skunked. Out of the 6 that found a few fish that totaled only 13 Joe caught 5 of them. Congrats to JOE !!!!!!!!!!!! He went as far as you can go on the alley before it dead ends at ramps. Joe kicked our ass with bringing in the only limit weighing 8.12 pounds. Jeff managed to take 2nd with two fish totaling 4.90 pounds and won big fish pot with a 3.14 pounder. Rounding the top three was Bill, who caught 2 fish with a whopping 3.20 pounds. It was dead out there, Hope never to see these type of results again.

Looking at the AOY standings at the half-way point, Jeff has made the biggest move as he is now in 2nd place, only 10 points behind Dave, who has slipped a little in the last 2 tournaments. Two tournaments ago, Jeff was 59 points out of first. Joe jumped from 12th up to 6th place with his big win at Holiday Park. The bottom line is with half a season to go, it's now a horse-race again. 50 or fewer points separate the top 10 positions!

Big Fish Y-T-D Norbert @ 5.80

Jeff, Robert & Ozzy tame MM 34

May, 2020

Beautiful day on the water, just what the doctor ordered. I want to start off by thanking everybody in adhering to the Corona virus guide lines we had in place yesterday, there were some slip ups but for the most part it went well. Nobody likes change and dealing with this Virus has produced some big changes.

All the pre-fishing paid off, Everybody had limits and some decent weights were brought to the scale. The weather was perfect to make it a great day of fishing. Jeff was due for a good day, he did that and took first place with 13.10 pounds and topped it off by winning big fish pot with a 4 pounder. Robert also was due to place in the top three, he captured second place with 12.11 pounds. Ozzy did a great job and rounded off the top three with 11 pounds. Dave still holds a good lead in the A.O.Y. race. Congrats to the top three, job well done. Lets do some pre-fishing to make the June 14th tournament another success. We will need to make the decision by June 5th to get in some pre-fishing. A shout out to JORGE who finds himself in second place in the A.O..Y , Way to go terminator 😊

We had some good discussions on live-well checks and making one of the June, July or August tourneys a Saturday tournament from 12-8pm, I like the idea, thanks Nick!!!!

Big Fish Y-T-D Norbert @ 5.80

Jeff back in form

Robert & Jr (2nd Place)

Ozzy's photo from last year

Chilly morning

Pre-Dawn Launch

The April Tournament was cancelled due to Corona

Nick, Dave & Javier take top spots at LOX

March 15, 2020

Loxahatchee fished like a mystery novel. There were big fish (Javier 4.15, Nick 4.40, Dave 5.40 & Norbert 5.80), but there were plenty of dinks too. 11 anglers, who shall remain nameless, failed to even break 5 pounds for their entire bags! We know from past experience and recent pre-fishing, that there are lots of bigg'ns out there, but on Sunday, despite virtually ideal conditions, only Nick was able to crack the 10 pound barrier. Congrats to him for his first victory of the season, with a nice 10.70 pound bag and kicker of 4.40 pounds. Dave had his 2nd straight top-3 finish by taking 2nd place with 8.65 and a 5.40 kicker. This allowed him to open up his A.O.Y. lead to 25 points. Javier took 3rd place with 8.04 and a 4.15 pound kicker.

Dimas just missed his 2nd top-3 finish by tenths of a pound. Norbert had the biggest bass of the day (and biggest bass of the year so far) at 5.80 pounds and took 5th place, vaulting him into 2nd place in A.O.Y.. Jorge turned in another solid performance at 6.11 pounds, which enabled him to hold on to 3rd place in the A.O.Y. race.

As always, it was just great to be with all the guys and welcome a few new-comers. Mike H., Mike B., and Carlos R. look like they will be great additions. It was also nice to meet Joe's son, Mike. He weighed in a quality fish too.

With the season now 1/4 over, it will be time for me to delve into the numbers and put out a more detailed report soon, along with some fearless prognostications. One thing I can tell you right now: NO MORE MIKES and NO MORE RODRIGUEZ'S should be allowed in the club. My head is spinning!

Next month is Lake Placid on April 24, 25 & 26, where we should see more of an off-short bite mixed in with the shallows. A reminder, there will be no meeting at Bass Pro Shops on the Thursday before the Placid tourney. That will be held on Saturday night after dinner. For the new-comers, these away tourneys are really the glue that bring all members together and friendships blossom. If you like good food, lots of fishing, bad jokes, nasty cigars, bragging, and perhaps a drink or 5, these away tourneys are just the ticket!

Big Fish Y-T-D: Norbert @ 5.80

Dave, Norbert & Dimas 1, 2, 3 at MM34

February. 2020

What a great tournament, plenty of fish, weather was great and every member showed up !!!!!!! We had two guest, father and son pairings, that was nice to see. Robert and his son make it three generations that have fished in our club. Robert JR did better than his dad and half the club 😊 that was great to see. Maybe a future Bass Rattler? Joe fished with his son also. Everybody caught limits plus 20 bass, at least. Even Rick collected dollars from Bill, Terry & Tony! Pole dancers everywhere are drooling. Welcome back Enrique!

Dave dominated the field today. He proved it was his technique not the location that got him the win. Dave posted 14.7 pounds and won big fish with a 5.1 pounder. Norbert finished in 2nd with 11.1 pounds and a 4.6 pound kicker. Dimas rounded the top three with 10.5 pounds and also had a 4.6 pounder. Paul also caught a 4.6 pounder. Congratulations to the top three !!!!!!. As we all know ties are broke by total bag weight.

Clearly, the top 3 from last year have bulls-eyes on their backs as none of them are near the top spots this year. It is early, but it's also clear that there are new "Young Guns" aiming to upend the standings from a year ago.

Next tournament will be at lox on March 15th. April three day will be held at Lake Placid on April 24th, 25th and 26th. We all decided to fish THE BIG O CLEWISTON on Nov 20th, 21st and 22nd.

Great tournament, Thanks Slice and Dice !!!!!!!!

BF Y-T-D - Jorge @ 5.20