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LOX Results

Loxahatchee fished like a mystery novel. There were big fish (Javier 4.15, Nick 4.40, Dave 5.40 & Norbert 5.80), but there were plenty of dinks too. 11 anglers, who shall remain nameless, failed to even break 5 pounds for their entire bags! We know from past experience and recent pre-fishing, that there are lots of bigg'ns out there, but on Sunday, despite virtually ideal conditions, only Nick was able to crack the 10 pound barrier. Congrats to him for his first victory of the season, with a nice 10.70 pound bag and kicker of 4.40 pounds. Dave had his 2nd straight top-3 finish by taking 2nd place with 8.65 and a 5.40 kicker. This allowed him to open up his A.O.Y. lead to 25 points. Javier took 3rd place with 8.04 and a 4.15 pound kicker.

Dimas just missed his 2nd top-3 finish by tenths of a pound. Norbert had the biggest bass of the day (and biggest bass of the year so far) at 5.80 pounds and took 5th place, vaulting him into 2nd place in A.O.Y.. Jorge turned in another solid performance at 6.11 pounds, which enabled him to hold on to 3rd place in the A.O.Y. race.

As always, it was just great to be with all the guys and welcome a few new-comers. Mike H., Mike B., and Carlos R. look like they will be great additions. It was also nice to meet Joe's son, Mike. He weighed in a quality fish too.

With the season now 1/4 over, it will be time for me to delve into the numbers and put out a more detailed report soon, along with some fearless prognostications. One thing I can tell you right now: NO MORE MIKES and NO MORE RODRIGUEZ'S should be allowed in the club. My head is spinning!

Next month is Lake Placid on April 24, 25 & 26, where we should see more of an off-short bite mixed in with the shallows. A reminder, there will be no meeting at Bass Pro Shops on the Thursday before the Placid tourney. That will be held on Saturday night after dinner. For the new-comers, these away tourneys are really the glue that bring all members together and friendships blossom. If you like good food, lots of fishing, bad jokes, nasty cigars, bragging, and perhaps a drink or 5, these away tourneys are just the ticket!

Big Fish Y-T-D: Norbert @ 5.80

MM34 Results

What a great tournament, plenty of fish, weather was great and every member showed up !!!!!!! We had two guest, father and son pairings, that was nice to see. Robert and his son make it three generations that have fished in our club. Robert JR did better than his dad and half the club 😊 that was great to see. Maybe a future Bass Rattler? Joe fished with his son also. Everybody caught limits plus 20 bass, at least. Even Rick collected dollars from Bill, Terry & Tony! Pole dancers everywhere are drooling. Welcome back Enrique!

Dave dominated the field today. He proved it was his technique not the location that got him the win. Dave posted 14.7 pounds and won big fish with a 5.1 pounder. Norbert finished in 2nd with 11.1 pounds and a 4.6 pound kicker. Dimas rounded the top three with 10.5 pounds and also had a 4.6 pounder. Paul also caught a 4.6 pounder. Congratulations to the top three !!!!!!. As we all know ties are broke by total bag weight.

Clearly, the top 3 from last year have bulls-eyes on their backs as none of them are near the top spots this year. It is early, but it's also clear that there are new "Young Guns" aiming to upend the standings from a year ago.

Next tournament will be at lox on March 15th. April three day will be held at Lake Placid on April 24th, 25th and 26th. We all decided to fish THE BIG O CLEWISTON on Nov 20th, 21st and 22nd.

Great tournament, Thanks Slice and Dice !!!!!!!!

BF Y-T-D - Jorge @ 5.20