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President: Robert Rodriguez - Don King's personal body guard
Vice President: Bernie Sanders 
Treasurer: Terry Nagy - can't count to 11 without removing his socks, yet he's our Treasurer?
Tournament Director: Tony Fortunato - still trying to finish strong at least once
Assistant TD: Jeff Manchester - blinded from looking at the eclipse through his telescope

Rick Antelo - L.O.A. - (sex change operation)
Tom Behr - apparently can fish when he's sober too
Dave Bradford - still kicking someone's ass on a Ranger, but we're not sure who's
Bruce Gellatly - proud new boat owner - still trying to figure out where the throttle is
Ozzy Izquierdo - extended his job title yet again this year
Javier Loiz - wants to marry my dog Stanley
Jorge Loiz - "inkredeeebul"
Jeff Paolillo - too new to poke fun at yet - but give us time we'll find something
Paul Schrag - he'll be right with ya after he takes this call from the little woman
Bobby Watson - jury is still out on this guy
Bill Ziady - absolutely perfect - we could find nothing bad to say about him!

Associate Members:
Alex Pereda - pw
Jack Phillips - just plain pussy

Designated Guest:
Vincent Cuchel - "The Ethiopian" has been banned from all boats until he loses some weight