President: Terry Nagy

Vice President: 

Treasurer: Bruce Gellatly 

Tournament Director: Mike Havens

Assistant TD: open 

MEMBERS (left to right, top row)

Terry Nagy - new boat, same Terry

Bill Ziady - a.k.a "The Spook"

Tony Fortunato - New boat, new hip, new shoulder. I'm afraid to ask what's next...

Bruce Gellatly - has turned up the volume big time

Jeff Paolillo - "Drive it like you stole it!" 3-time reigning AOY!

Nick Desiderio - doesn't go to bed the night before a tourney - at least not his

Rick Antelo -  "The Kraken", still handing out 1$ bills like candy

Mike Havens - ("The Ida King")


(Bottom row)

Dimas Rodriguez - this is the guy putting bananas in our livewells

Ozzy Izquierdo - most consistent at extending his job title year after year

Norbert Fernandez - Scout Leader weekdays, Pro Angler weekends

Raul Martinez - a rare sighting indeed. He's usually in cammo

Javier Loiz - he keeps saying he's coming back...

Ryan Komatz - Big Fish king so far this year.

Jorge Loiz - "inkredeeebul"

Our newest member, Glenn Sutton 

Designated Guest:

Vincent Cuchel - banned from all boats until he loses some weight. (He's actually in the photo, but turned sideways.)

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