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President: Robert Rodriguez 
Vice President: Alexandria Ocassio Cortez 
Treasurer: Javier Loiz
Tournament Director: Tony Fortunato
Assistant TD: Jeff Manchester

Rick Antelo -  back from his sex change operation, still handing out $ bills like candy
Tom Behr - starting his own moving company, bad back and all
Dave Bradford - has hired a translator for us to decryrpt his emails & texts
Nick Desiderio - doesn't go to bed the night before a tourney - at least not his
Norbert Fernandez - Scout Leader weekdays, Pro Angler weekends
Bruce Gellatly - has turned up the volume big time
Ozzy Izquierdo - most consistent at extending his job title year after year
Javier Loiz - rumor has it he did in fact lick it
Jorge Loiz - "inkredeeebul"
Terry Nagy - new boat, same Terry
Jeff Paolillo - still gives the most comprehensive pre-fishing reports ever 
Dimas Rodriguez - the book hasn't been written yet for this rookie
Paul Schrag - still has not been seen without a cigar in his mouth
Bill Ziady - been eating Chinese take-out a lot lately

Associate Members:
Tim McClinton - "The Fighting Irish"
Alex Pereda - pw
Jack Phillips - just plain pussy
Bobby Watson - rumor has it he's a nice guy

Designated Guest:
Vincent Cuchel -  has been banned from all boats until he loses some weight