....running between sea and sky - over the iconic Severn Bridge on the closed M48

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Half Marathon.
We now think we'll be able to provide the Half Marathon distance. It will however need to be a different course from previous years. It will be based on 2 laps of the 10k route, with the additional 1097.5 metres made up from a short out and back section. The run would therefore be entirely on the bridge structure.

CORONAVIRUS - The event will be fully compliant with both local and national 'covid regulations' at the time. We can't say what these will be exactly at this time as clearly the situation is fluid.

The event may go ahead as an individual time trial as it did last year or there may be waves of a safe number starting together. Currently, at point of entry you will be asked what your predicted time for a 10K is and we will use this to draw up a start list (published on this website one week before the event). The start list will be sorted for predicted 10K time with fastest going first - this to minimize the need for overtaking on the route. If you want to run with another runner then simply state the same predicted 10K time when you enter.

HQ: If the government's 'roadmap' is correct then we may be able to host the event at our event village as we did in 2019. Everything is based outside or in open sided marquees. The race 'brief' will be by email (and published on this website) in the days before. You can walk from your car ready to run, collect your number and chip from the open marquee (sanitisation available) and proceed to the start. When you finish, collect your goodies (if you wish) and return to your car. View the results on-line when you get home.

Rest assured we will ensure there are safe 'covid protocols' in place whatever situation we find ourselves in by August 29th. Last year with over 1000 entrants we had so much positive feedback - many remarked on just how safe they felt and surprised at how 'un-busy' it was and easy to stay a good distance from others.

The video and picture below hopefully give an indication of both the distanced running on the motorway itself and safe queuing at the start on the slip road.