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All T-Shirts are £9.45.

These sizes are available:
extra small, small, medium, large, extra large and extra extra large

We will not be sending out the T-Shirts. Orders placed from now until Thursday 25th August midday can be picked up at the event. If you order after that we can not guarantee your tee will be available on the day - instead it will posted to you after the event.

Please note that there will be a small stock at the event but your size may be sold out by the time you get there.

Extra Small T-Shirt

Small T-Shirt

Medium T-Shirt

Large T-Shirt

Extra Large T-Shirt

Extra Extra Large T-Shirt

In the early years of the event we would always include an event technical t-shirt in the entry fee and provided one for every finisher.

There are a number of logistical difficulties in doing this. Some years the fashion was for tight fitting garments and we ran out of the smaller sizes. In another year the manufacturer provided t-shirts that were slightly smaller than usual (as it was perceived this was the trend) and we ran out of larger sizes. In order to ensure everyone got a t-shirt we would need to over-order and this resulted in 100's being left over. Although we did often give these away free of charge at our other events or give them to a charity or try to recyclable them the wastage of what is basically a plastic product seemed at odds with a growing movement to reduce plastic use. In 2019 we provided more expensive cotton t-shirts and many complained that they thought we'd done this to make more profit. Of course, some don't want a free t-shirt and some don't like cotton or technical or the colour or....

In 2020 we made the decision to reduce the entry fee by the cost of an individual t-shirt and offer them as an extra instead, for those that wanted one.
A new member of the team now handles the on-line shop on this website. She also takes a small stock to the event to sell there. Of course, the t-shirts now cost more than the reduction in entry fee we made as we need to additionally pay for postage and packing, online payment processing and a reasonable rate for the time spent by the team member in dealing with the t-shirt orders.

In 2021 we had one t-shirt left over only so feel the decision was justified in terms of wastage alone. Participants can still have a memento t-shirt if they like, for the price that it costs us to provide it.