Redmond Riverside Walk

Revised 1/10/2018

The City of Redmond has made the Samammish River into a fine walking destination. The well-known Sammamish River Trail runs along the east side of the river, and a more informal gravel trail runs along the west side. Combine the two trails for a flat and easy 5 mile loop hike. Joggers and runners will love this loop trail.

Sammamish River Trail near Redmond

Getting There

Access is easy. Hop on the Sound Transit 545 bus in downtown Seattle, then ride to downtown Redmond. Get off on NE 85th St, by the King County Library.

The Hike

From the bus stop on NE 85th, walk west to the bridge over the Sammamish River. At the west end of the bridge (south side), take the stairs down to the riverside path.

Head north on the gravel path, which stays close to the riverbank. A screen of trees mostly blocks the sight of office parks to the left. In about a mile, you reach a junction with the paved Powerline Trail. There is a pedestrian bridge spanning the river here: cross it if you want a shorter loop hike. Otherwise, keep heading north on the gravel west bank trail. For a mile you pass by a golf course on the left. The terrain is very open here, nice on a sunny winter day. Birds seem to love the area - I saw flocks of geese and a bald eagle when I walked the trail.

Eventually you come to the ornately decorated NE 116th St bridge crossing the Sammamish River. This is the end of the maintained portion the of the west bank trail. Walk across the bridge, then head south on King County's famed Sammamish River Trail, a paved multi-use path for walkers, bikers, and horses. In two miles this trail leads you back to NE 85th where you can catch a bus. To extend the loop further, you can continue along the Sammamish River Trail as far as Redmond Way. Cross the south side of the bridge, then scramble down to the west bank trail at Rotary Picnic Area. Turn left and walk the trail back to NE 85th.

Getting Back

Catch the Sound Transit Bus 545 on NE 85th in front of the King County Library, which is a good place to explore while waiting for your bus.