Hike Metro!

Walks, Hikes, and Outdoor Adventures in the Seattle area that you can reach by Public Transit....No Car Needed!

Metro trolleybus (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

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I added a lovely new hike with good bus access - the East Cross Town Trail in the city of Newcastle (Hikes east of the Lake subsection).

Be sure to check out the new TOTAGO app for smartphones. Much of the content in this site will eventually show up in TOTAGO, which integrates hike information with on-line transit planning. Still a work in progress.


You can contact me at NWHikers.net (log in to your account - or create one if you don't have an account (it's easy) - and send a private message to whitebark).


This is a rough draft, there are errors--maybe lots of them. Accuracy is not guaranteed. Since outdoor activites involve some unavoidable hazards, the author cannot assure your safety...this is your own responsibility.

Therefore, use the information at your own risk!

Other useful links for transit hikers:

TOTAGO offers a smart phone app useful for transit hikers. It integrates maps,

hike descriptions, and bus information. Content for Seattle is a bit sparse now, but there are plans to improve it. I'm sharing content with this site to help out with this.


Here's an active Seattle transit hiking Meetup group:


They do many of the bus hikes described in this guide.

Here's King County's official bus information site:


Here's another "hike by bus" website, geared more for the hard core backpacker:


Doughty Falls in Cougar Mountain Park - Metro can get you there!

Tiger Mountain, a hiker's paradise easily reached by bus

Footbridge over Snoqualmie River at Tolt-McDonald Park (Metro Bus 224)

Photos were taken by the author (whitebark) unless otherwise noted.