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Welcome back after hopefully a wonderful summer of family, friends, and fun.

Monday’s opening exercise was very different from past openings. We realized that it would have been difficult for us to take care of our organizational needs at the Country Club. Thus, we decided to allow the distribution of material and the initialing of union information to take place back in your buildings. Hopefully, everything went smoothly. We also hope you enjoyed a different style of honoring years of service at the general meeting.

As you witnessed during the superintendent’s opening, we have many new teachers spread throughout the district. We met with them on Thursday, August 20, during the new teacher seminar. At that time, they all received membership forms and an orientation to our association. We are asking all members to reach out to those new teachers in your building and encourage them to join the association. Membership forms should be returned to Marie Mizerek at Lancaster School.

We are currently in the second year of a two year collective bargaining agreement. Starting on September 3, the negotiation team will begin bargaining our next contract. The team consists of: Ben Adams, Erin Cianciolo, Michelle Chisholm, Justin Golden, and Lauren Carney.

We would like the process to be as transparent as possible, so we have taken a few steps to ensure this is the case. On our web page, you will find a summary of the negotiation survey you all participated in last spring. These results will guide our team as they enter into discussions with the school board. (Contract & Negotiations Page)

We also will be posting notes on our web page from each negotiation session. Please understand that general information can be posted, but specific details during negotiations would not be appropriate.

Be mindful that it is not too early to begin the planning process of getting the vote out in March. Our community is facing many challenges, especially rising tax bills coming from the building initiatives.

The Executive Board wishes you nothing but the best this school year and reminds you that our strength is in our membership. One hundred percent membership should be our goal. Continue to reach out to non-members especially now when their very livelihood is being negotiated by our hard-working team.


Harold Sachs and Executive Board


Here are the results of online voting for the Salem Education Association's 2015-2016 representation:

     Executive Board:


Harold Sachs



Michelle Chisholm


Pat Moeschen


Greg Paris

Building Representatives:

(2nd Year Reps indicated in Italics)


Kerrie Ganley

Victoria White


Colleen Mahoney

Jennifer Thompson


Erin Cianciolo

Carrie Webster

North Salem

Jen Fitzsimons

Liz DiPrima


Amy Jasperson

Kellie Annicelli


Kate Chaput

Coleen Simari

Katherine Mertz

Dianne Grube

Jane Ambargis

Tara Bazydlo

High School

Mike Courtois

Bill Duchano

Jay Hudson

Alan Lord

Marran Ranks

Beth Talbott

Craig Robinson

Luial Gilbert



Harold Sachs

SEA President


The Salem Education Association is strong due to the combined efforts of our members, building representatives, and of course the Executive Board.  Even so, we need to begin to look at the tasks    that each member of the Executive Board is responsible for  handling.  Harold, Glenn, Christine, etc. have done tremendous    work for our organization over the last several years and hopefully will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  However, we    need to be cognizant of the fact that some of us will need to fill in those leadership shoes eventually, potentially in the near future.


We have decided to establish a job shadow of our leadership positions in the event the current person desires to step out of    their role or retires.  If you are interested in finding out exactly   what these positions entail, email the person directly to set up a  time to discuss what the position involves.


Vice President


Grievance Chair


Sick Bank Chair

Membership Chair

Communications Director


Harold Sachs

Pat Moeschen

Michelle Chisholm

Christine Jefferson

Greg Paris

Kathleen Cavanaugh-Fabrizio

Marie Mizerek

Luial Gilbert


Locate your state and congressional representatives and share your views through our Legislative Action Center.

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