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SEA Update February, 2023

In just a few days we’ll start Winter Break.  When we come back, we’ll be in March with (hopefully) spring following shortly behind.  In some respects, that’s hard to believe.  Then again, the school year has a way of flying by.  Then again, when you’re in the midst of your school day, sometimes time seems to stop.  Do other professions have such an unusual relationship with time?   Remaining busy always seems to speed time, and the SEA continues to be busy.  While we never publish a laundry list of every single instance to which we respond, trust that your building representatives, committee chairs and members, and Executive Board continue to work on your behalf.

Here’s an overview of recent important information:

Student Supervision and Direct Instruction

Just a reminder that if you have a student who is pulled from a class and allowed to do their academic work somewhere outside of the classroom like an administrative office or guidance office, that should be a temporary solution.  If this lasts for more than a week, document—preferable through an email—and let your immediate supervisor know.  Also report this to your building representative who will forward that information to the Executive Board.

Documenting  and Reporting

We are including this information again because of its importance.  Occasionally you may find yourself dealing with a student issue.  Even if the issue is resolved agreeably and successfully, we strongly encourage you to document the incident and report the information to an immediate supervisor or person responsible for overseeing whatever the incident entails. At the very least, when SEA leadership is aware of what is going on, we can—when appropriate and prudent—try to find resolution.  This is particularly the case with special education, where there are compliance concerns with federal law.  Also, as teacher responsibilities continue to increase, the need to document and report becomes more important as well. Your work-day rights need to be protected.  Through documenting and reporting, there will always be a record of what happened, your response, and assurance that appropriate steps were taken.

SEA Website

Don’t forget that plenty of useful information can be found on the SEA website.  Be sure to check out and bookmark the site.  Click here.  The following is just an overview of some of the information available:

·   Contract  information—Answers to MANY questions can found within the contract.  Get to know your collectively bargained rights by being familiar with your content.

·   SEA Leadership  Chairs/Experts—In addition to your building representatives, these contacts are a way for you to start to get questions answered and issues resolved. If you have a question or concern that falls into one of these specific categories, make your building representative aware.  Building representatives are great sources of information and assistance.  Also feel free to contact the “point person” directly.  

·   SEA Members—Incident/Issue FlowchartIf a member determines that he or she needs assistance with an incident or issue, the member’s flowchart (located on the website) will help determine the best path toward resolution.  Also keep in mind that there are circumstances that demand immediate attention and must be moved forward.  If you have any lingering questions, the best course of action is to contact your building rep.

·   NEA Member Benefits—As a member of the SEA, you are also a member of the NEA.  Your membership gives you special access not only to professional support, but also to resources available through NEA Member Benefits.  These include, but are not limited to financial services, insurance, student debt relief, retirement planning, and shopping and travel deals.  There’s even complimentary life insurance from the NEA.  Taking advantage of some of these services and deals is a great way to save some money.  Check out the benefits by clicking here.


Finally, something important to keep in mind.  There are always issues arising, being addressed, and typically being resolved.  Regardless of where a concern arises, the association is addressing this on behalf of individual members throughout the district—every school, every level.  There’s a lot going on throughout the district.  As an association, our members are represented to the best of our ability through building representatives, committee chairs and members, and the Executive Board. We work together for what’s best for the association as a whole.  If there’s anything that you believe needs to be addressed or if you would like something covered in a future memo, be sure to contact your building representative or appropriate person in the association.  On behalf of SEA leadership, I hope you all have a wonderful, restful, and relaxing February break. 


Code of Conduct Notice

Dear Members,

Please consider taking the time to read through the Code of Conduct from the NH DOE.  The SEA suggests that it is important to do so.

A copy of the it can be found by clicking HERE.

It is also on the Files and Downloads page. 

SEA President Jim Slobig


The Salem Education Association is strong due to the combined efforts of our members, building representatives, and of course the Executive Board.  Even so, we need to begin to look at the tasks    that each member of the Executive Board is responsible for  handling.  Many of our representatives have done tremendous work for our organization over the last several years and hopefully will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  However, we need to be cognizant of the fact that some of us will need to fill in those leadership shoes eventually, potentially in the near future.

We have established a job shadow of our leadership positions in the event the current person desires to step out of their role or retires.  If you are interested in finding out exactly what these positions entail, email the person directly to set up a  time to discuss what the position involves.


Vice President


Grievance Chair


Sick Bank Chair

Membership Chair

Communications Director


James  Slobig

Janet Trainor

Michelle Chisholm

Beth Talbott

Michelle Martel

Kathleen Cavanaugh-Fabrizio

Mikael Stong

Luial Gilbert

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