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Brief Histories of Ireland:
General History of Northern Ireland/Ulster: The modern historical material on this site is most relevant for our class. Make sure to check out the related links in the orange-ish box at the bottom of each page (the box labeled "Other Entries in this Period"):
Brief history of Northern Ireland/Ulster:
Sinn Fein sanctioning robberies?:
Denis Donaldson murder:
Sinn Fein home page:
MI5 (official UK Security Service) page on the Irish Republican Army:


RTÉ News: Radio Telefís Éireann (Irish for "Radio Television Ireland") is Ireland's Public Radio and TV network:  
The Irish Times:
Irish Independent:
BBC News: Northern Ireland:
List of other Northern Ireland news sites:
Irish Republican videos (Note: This is not an endorsement of the political views expressed on this site or in these videos. The videos are interesting examples of pro-IRA film propaganda, but you are NOT required to visit this site or watch any of these videos.):