• Submissions to JSEALS may be made at any time of year. Papers will go into the queue for review and will be published in the first scheduled issue after being formally accepted.

  • Please submit minimally formatted DOC/DOCX and PDF versions of your papers directly via email to Mark Alves (mark.alves AT, Paul Sidwell (paulsidwell AT, Sigrid Lew (sigrid_lew AT, or Nathan Hill (nathan.hill AT

  • All submissions must include an abstract (approximately 150 words) and keywords (we recommend providing 3 words). As a finding aid, one or more ISO 639-3 language codes and/or latitude/longitude points may also be provided.

  • Submissions should follow the recommendations of The Generic Style Rules for Linguistics, which "attempt a balance between conventionality, functionality, and simplicity," and are available in full as GenericStyleRules.pdf.

  • Please set your paper in single spaced 12 point Times Roman or Times New Roman. Use an A4 page, and leave a 2.5cm (1 inch) margin on all sides. Please make every effort to use only one freely available Unicode font (such as Charis SIL) throughout the document if Times is not sufficient. For non-roman text, please note any additional Unicode fonts used, and if possible choose a standard font (such as Tahoma) that includes non-roman character sets.

  • In principle there is no length requirement, but papers of between 10 and 20 pages are preferred.


  • Papers intended to be published under the category of "research papers" undergo double-blind review. They should provide some assertation and have a technical and/or theoretical underpinning in the analysis. Such papers are considered rigorously checked (and are generally the kinds of publications needed for academic bureaucratic requirements). In contrast, papers consisting largely of data or papers which provide preliminary ideas and what can be characterized as "notes" can be accepted with the approval of the Editor-in-Chief and one other reader (whether it meets institutional requirements for publication status will depend on the institution). In either case, the publications are a productive part of and contributions to research in the field.


  • JSEALS accepts unsolicited books for review. Members may request books (see also the SEALS Facebook page). Reviews should be submitted within 3 months, at minimum of 1,000 words for regular books, and 2,000 words for large books, with no upper limit. Reviews are be expected to be more than long book notices, and offer some critical insight into the work. Unsolicited reviews are also welcome, as long as the books relate to our area of interest.