Release Notes


November 2017

  • SlideShow: new SlideContent keyword to insert HTML template in the slides
  • Advanced Summary: fix BIAggregate keyword when used in the first displayed column
  • Gantt: Add option to group rows by label

October 2017

  • Improved error messages to help resolving settings or connection issue
  • New tool menu with actions to:
    • Clear all filters
    • Open the view with current filters settings set in the URL
    • Print the view
    • Download the data as Comma Separated Values (if checked in the view's settings)
  • Fix Table pagination arrows on Safari and IE11
  • Use spreadsheets from a Team Drive
  • Cards view: it does not load all cards at once anymore

September 2017

  • New print page: exemple
  • Add ?debug parameter to the page URL to help diagnose connection issue
  • Upgrade to Polymer 2
  • Fix issues with old Chrome versions

August 2017

  • First version of usage reports for domains
  • Allow 'hot-reloading' an Awesome Table

July 2017

  • Update and speed up the Advanced Summary view
  • Allow flexible filter and chart layout: filters can be on the left side of the view
  • Improve csvFilter and categoryFilter
    • now sorts numerical values (1, 10) correctly
    • Show number of results for each items

June 2017

May 2017

April 2017

March 2017

  • Introducing the Template gallery to easily create new views
  • New documentation:
  • New in-view Column type keyword:
    • ImageType: Specify that this column hold images URL and automatically insert image's preview
    • HyperlinkType: Insert a link on a text column

February 2017

January 2017

  • BI view
    • Allows non ASCII chars in the word cloud
    • Increase word size difference
  • Fix to increase view compatibility for IE11 and Firefox <45


December 2016

  • Added cache on every views (new Dataflow).
  • Use Google Drive picker to select the source spreadsheet.
  • Changed Maps view to scroll only on focus.

November 2016

  • Fixes on the new site.
  • Fixes on the Spreadsheet authentication flow.
  • Fix dates display in the csvFilter and CategoryFilter.

October 2016

  • New major version (v3):

    • Use web components.
    • Provide a fully responsive website for mobile.
  • Big fixes and adaptation to the new Spreadsheet authentication flow:
    • it now correctly uses multi-account browsing sessions.
    • Quicker logging.

September 2016

  • Fixed internal issues

August 2016

  • Publication in the Google Apps Marketplace
  • New authentication flow to adapt for Google Spreadsheet change in security behavior
  • Fix legacy Google Site behavior (auto-replace space by a '+' in HTML links) in preset filters:
    use &#32; to replace a space (e.g.: &filterB=some&#32;fruits ).
  • Fix DateFilter issues with data containing strings

June 2016

May 2016

  • New Awesome Table logo !

  • Use Google Visualization static loader for a better control on versions
  • Visuals fixes (Table view) to compensate for new Google Visualization version

April 2016

March 2016

  • View's owner can now transfer ownership to an editor.
  • Improved error detection when user accessing the Awesome Table does not have the spreadsheet access: it immediately displays the error screen.
  • Fixed error screen.
  • Fixed issue with csvFilter

February 2016

  • New design
  • Clearer behavior when a copy of a view is made from the Awesome Table Gadget
  • General loading time improvement
  • The Awesome Table Terms of Service are available here

January 2016

  • Fixes on the numberRangeFilter and dateFilter
    • restored pre-set filter URL link
  • Improved the Error message when a view is broken, giving more informations and help
  • Fixes on the Cards view
    • In some case, an error message appeared without any effect


December 2015

  • Complete re-writing of the dateFilter
    • touch friendly
    • more display formats for the dates
  • Complete re-writing of the numberRangeFilter
    • touch friendly
    • enable direct input
    • enable decimal entry
    • don't filter out non-numeric entry by default

November 2015

  • Complete re-writing of the csvFilter
    • now it's a native filter
    • suppression of all of the previous issues
    • many improvement of the user experience
    • added possibility to copy a view
  • Geochart view
    • changed the tooltip display to appear on click

October 2015

  • New major version of Awesome Table
    • view sharing
    • view suppression
    • edit button on the site view page
    • import existing gadget view into
    • Gadget configuration view updated
    • Gadget authentication on
  • BI view
    • fixes for the tables, they now use the correct width

July 2015

  • Complete re-writing of the cards view
    • Responsive design as major keywords
    • Use of the flex-box instead of tables
    • Native integration with the Google Visualization API
  • Bugs fixes
    • Auto re-sizing on images loading
    • Templates now can be applied on a numeric column

Mai 2015

  • Launch of : a dedicated website to easily configure Awesome Table views.
  • Evolution of the template
    • <style> : allow direct CSS insertion from the spreadsheet
    • <script> : allow direct JavaScript insertion from the spreadsheet
    • global (no header) : allow direct HTML insertion as first body child from the spreadsheet
  • Quick loading of public spreadsheet (avoid redirection)

April 2015

  • Bug fixes
    • Row direct link (q=&c=)
      • this parameter now uses decodeURIComponent()
      • added support for Map view and combined Map&Table view
    • Cards view & csvFilter : page browsing fixed
    • Map view & csvFilter : filtering now works as intended
    • csvFilter : Now use an exact match ('sales' doesn't match 'sales department')
  • Correction of the Gantt view dynamic re-sizing
  • Custom Error message

February 2015

  • Bugs fixes to match Google Visualization API v41
  • Simplification of the custom CSS file
  • Added an auto-sizing on window.onresize event

January 2015

  • Added a new Maps view with marker clustering ability, more than 400 markers can now be displayed. This feature was sponsored by Holcim
  • New option to display simultaneously a maps view and a table
  • Improved settings view, with the new ability to place the filters, chart and map like you want
  • Bug fixes
    • the Gantt view is now re-sized dynamically
    • the sort setting behave now like intended, and is retained when filtering and page changes
    • cvsFilter can now be used without adding another filter


December 2014

  • Ability to create direct links to filtered views (demo)
  • Improvements on BI view (2x faster)
  • A Google+ community has been created, where people can discuss new features and help each others. Many thanks to Christophe Bichon.
  • Feature requests can be raised on UserVoice 
  • Bug fixes

October 2014

  • Templates lets you easily create beautiful visualizations of your data (blogpost) that load very fast.
  • Better rendering on mobile devices

June 2014

  • New design for the standard table view, more consistent with design of Google Apps products

May 2014

  • StringFilter, CategoryFilter and csvFilter are now prettier if you use the keyword "insideFilter" as caption.
  • Improvements on BI view (2x faster)

March 2014

  • Row-level permissions through a Google Apps Script "proxy" (documentation)

February 2014

  • New view available: GeoChart view (demo)
  • Awesome Table is compatible with the new version of Google Sheet

January 2014

  • Settings in Awesome Table are now available in 13 languages (English, French, Russian, Italian, Hebrew, Español, Portuguese(Brazil), Dutch (Nederlands), Norwegian, हिन्दी,  Deutsch (German), Japanese (日本語) & Czech (čeština))
  • Awesome Table is promoted by Google and can be found in the featured section of the Google Sites gadget gallery
  • Edit entries displayed with Awesome Table through Google Form (demo)


December 2013

  • New view available: Cards view (demo)
  • The settings page is now way more user-friendly, with a Bootstrap UI.

November 2013

  • New view available: BI view / Advanced "Summary of responses" for Google Forms (demo)
  • Word Clouds added in BI view
  • New filter available: csvFilter

September 2013

  • New view available: Gantt chart view (demo)
  • Ability to use your own CSS file to change the look of your Awesome Table view (demo)
  • Ability to create direct links to specific results (eg. if you're using the gadget to create a people directory you can build urls to quickly access each profile)

June 2013

May 2013

  • Dependent category filters are now available (eg: a list of countries and a list of cities. When you select a specific country, only the related cities are displayed in the dependent filter).

April 2013

  • New view available: Sidebar view (example with a People directory)
  • Added a connector to Google Analytics to track clicks on an Awesome Table view (eg you display a list of links, you can track the number of clicks on each link - see tutorial on

March 2013

  • Columns of the spreadsheet can be hidden from view using the "Hidden" keyword.

February 2013

  • Added ability to download data displayed in Awesome Table as csv.
  • A documentation for Awesome Table is available, first draft courtesy of Solvay.

January 2013

  • New filter available: DateFilter
  • People can use an Apps Script code in combination with Awesome Table to display a list of files from Google Drive with metadata (see video tutorial)


November 2012

February 2012