Display Spreadsheet Data in beautiful and functional views

Awesome Table lets you display the content of a Google Sheet into various types of views: From a simple table to people directories, Gantt chart views, Google Maps, card views… There are many possibilities to suit your personal and professional needs. With it, data in Sheets are shown in a more functional way and can be shared with viewers.

Awesome Table is available as a gadget for Google Sites and as a web app.

Easily sort out data with interactive filters

Narrow a search and browse through data easily by adding several filters to a view. There are many types of filters that can be combined (date filter, category filter, string filter…).

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View created by Jean-Rémi Delteil & Camille Lapeyronie. Designed by Camille Lapeyronie

A view for every one of your needs

Cards View

Use the Cards view to display products catalogs, business cards...

Gantt Chart

Use the Gantt Chart view to oversee projects more efficiently using filters

People Directory

Use the People Directory view to browse through profiles and add useful information to them

Video Gallery

Use the Video Gallery view to display your media files with comments on them

Advanced Summary

Use the Advanced summary of responses to improve
the display of form responses
and facilitate data mining

For advanced users: take control of the layout with templates

Templates allow you to properly separate data and layout to customize views. In another sheet, write html, css and javascript to create views more to your liking. With templates, decide what to display and how to display it.

Use Add-ons to uncover new possibilities

Awesome Table add-ons are smaller but easy-to-use, powerful scripts that can be installed directly within the Google Spreadsheet user interface, and use Awesome Table to display data. They answer to specific needs like geocoding addresses, listing files on a Google Drive, or listing Google Sites on a Google Apps domain.