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Our story

This website was created in 2010, shortly after the public release of Apps Script by Google. During several years, it was one of the main ressources available on the web for developers wanting to start with this scripting language.

Then Google released the Google Apps Script gallery, a simple way to share scripts usable by anyone. That when we started to create tools like Yet Another Mail Merge or Gmail Meter. And thus this website began to contains more and more ressources for non-developers (mostly the documentations for our most popular tools).  At the same time, we were building many Intranets on Google Sites for different clients, giving birth to Awesome Table and all the use cases linked to this app.

In 2014, Google replaced the Apps Script gallery by the add-on stores, available in Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms. Thanks to the add-on platform we are now able to create great apps perfectly integrated in Google Apps. Thus we started to change our business, making less Intranets and custom scripts for clients and investing more in our apps.

We started to monetize our first add-on, Yet Another Mail Merge, in September 2014 and it was a success! Thanks to the revenue generated by this add-on, we were able to spend more time on it and people really appreciate how we handle support and all the features we have released since then. It is now the second most popular add-on for Google Sheets.

Now we are focusing on 3 main products: Yet Another Mail Merge, Form Publisher (the second most popular add-on for Google Forms) and Awesome Table. We have reorganized this website to make this focus more visible. Most of the content from 2010 to 2013 has been removed from the site (content for developers, mostly out of date) and you can still access all the apps / add-ons / gadgets we have created over the years but note that we are not actively supporting them. This will change as our team is growing and some of those apps really deserve more updates & better support.

As of April 2016, this website, Script Examples, receives 50K users every month for a total of 200K pageviews. The traffic has more than doubled compared to last year and we hope it will continue to do so. 

Happy browsing :)

The team

Romain Vialard

Product Manager,
Google Developer Expert

Jean-Rémi Delteil

Awesome Table Developer,
Chief Security Officer

Stéphanie Chhay

Marketing Communication,
Documentation & Support

Nicolas Gomez

Form Publisher Developer,
Customer Support

Simon Debray

Form Publisher Developer,
Customer Support

Delphine Leroy

Technical Writer,
YAMM Support

Thomas Morin

Community Manager for
Awesome Table

Julian Machado

Sales Representative for
Awesome Table