About Us

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Our story

We offer 3 products: Awesome Table, Yet Another Mail Merge, Form Publisher. They are productivity tools integrated with G Suite.

    • Awesome Table lets you create a dynamic website from a Google Sheets in 3 minutes without code.

    • YAMM lets you send and track email campaigns from a Google Sheet and your Gmail account.

    • Form Publisher lets you generate PDF documents from Google Forms responses.

These products have millions of users around the world, from individuals to large companies such as Google, Veolia, Air Liquide, Solvay, Whirlpool, LafargeHolcim. They strive to be usable by anyone, without any technical skills. They do one thing and do it well. They basically give G Suite users superpowers.

We are a heavily product-centric organisation, affiliated to AODocs. As such, we have offices in San Francisco, Atlanta and Milan in addition to our Paris office, which brings a set of more diverse perspectives and a vast experience.