Using an Awesome Table template has never been easier!

Post date: Apr 12, 2016 10:5:41 AM

​Two years ago, we introduced to you some examples of views in our template gallery to show you what you can do with Awesome Table. All the data and documents related to the views (spreadsheet, css file and settings for were made available to you so that you can make a copy of these examples and adapt them to fit your needs. Since then, we have greatly improved these templates to make them look much prettier.

However, we were also aware that using our templates was not always an easy and intuitive thing. As many people were asking for help on the Awesome Table Community to know how to copy and adapt the views, we discovered that most people started to use Awesome Table for the first time thanks these templates.

That's why we have simplified the way people can copy the templates: Now, all you need to do is to select the view that you like in the templates gallery, and click on 'Copy template'.


Once done, all the settings of the selected view will be copied in the web app, including a copy of the spreadsheet which is now ready to use and to modify.

Note: If you are not automatically redirected to your current view settings, simply click on 'OPEN VIEW' and you should be able to see the copy:

Thanks to this new button, it is now much easier than before to start using Awesome Table. We hope this new option will bring you even more satisfaction, and will simplify your use of Awesome Table!

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