It Aint Gonna Rain No More

We don't know why, but most of the verses are something about Mary.

It Aint Gonna Rain No More lyrics...

Well you can't get to heaven

When Moses was, a little boy, he floated down, the River Nile... and he couldn't get to heaven for a whole lot of reasons!  This is a fun song where people can follow the leader and people can take turns adding verses.

Well You Can't Get to Heaven lyrics

There's a Hole in my Bucket

It's Henry vs. Lisa in this classic duet.
There's a Hole in my Bucket lyrics...

Found a Peanut

Found a peanut, where'd you find it, in the tent, what was it doing there... Use your creativity to outlast the other team!

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The Second Storey Window

Do you remember your nursery rhymes? They're a lot funnier when they all end up being thrown out the second storey window!

Second Storey Window lyrics...

Horse Fly

Have you ever seen a horse fly?  Really, did it have wings?  How many real things sound really funny when you think of them another way? Why not make a competition song out of it!

Horse Fly lyrics