Assistant Instructor

Mrs. A. Robins
4th Degree Black Belt

Mrs. Robins started Taekwon-Do in February 2004 at the Saskatoon Taekwon-Do West Zone club, under the instruction of Mr. Don Smith. Mrs. Robins started Taekwon-Do at the age of 35 after watching her children participate in class for many years. She tested for her first-degree black belt in December 2007, then for her second-degree in June 2011, then for her third-degree in June 2016. She has also watched both her children test for their second-degree black belts as well.

Mrs. Robins has been an assistant instructor for the Taekwon-Do Kids Program (ages 3-6) since September 2009 and the beginner class since September 2012. In October 2012 she had the opportunity to attend the World Cup tournament in Brighton, England which was a very rich learning experience and her first international tournament.

Mrs. Robins finds it very rewarding seeing the enjoyment on the students faces and the perseverance they demonstrate as they learn and develop new skills. Taekwon-Do has provided her the opportunity to train with her family, to travel to different tournaments and has given them a sense of accomplishment. Mrs. Robins says "It is more than a sport but a way of life".