Assistant Instructor

Mr. Q. Robins
4th Degree Black Belt

Mr. Robins began-Do at the age of 40 because his children were part of the club. Mr. Robins has been to and metaled in many competitions including being a national Taekwon pattern championships twice. While training Mr. Robins always looks forward to competitions where he has the opportunity to meet old friends from around the country. During 2008 Mr. Robins made a decision to train for the World Cup in Italy. In order to concentrate on training he retired as a provincial level track coach after 28 years in order to pursue his goal of competing at the wold level. With the hard work and hard training from his instructor Mr. Robins on the bronze medal in patterns.

Mr. Robins has mentioned to students and parents on many occasions that you are not too old to start Taekwon-Do. Taekwon-Do has provided him with a greater fitness level and increased flexibility. Mr. Robins' proudest moments are; medaling at the World Cup tournament, watching each member of his family (himself, his wife and two sons) attain their second degree black belts and watching students who he has helped, attain better results at testing and competitions.

Mr. Robins is thankful for the opportunity to be an instructor. He hopes that he can continue to share his experiences and knowledge with students while making the training fun, interesting and rewarding. Mr. Robins is a 2012 Governor General's Caring Canadian Award winner for his volunteerism over the years.