Taekwon-Do Kids Program Instructor

Miss J. Kimpton
4th Degree Black Belt

Miss Kimpton started Taekwon-Do in September 1998 at the Saskatoon Taekwon-Do West Zone club, under the instruction of Master Smith. Miss Kimpton started Taekwon-Do at the age of 10 after watching her dad participate in class for many years. She tested for her first-degree black belt in December 2003, for her second-degree in June 2008, for her third-degree in June 2013 and for her fourth-degree in December 2016.

Miss Kimpton has been an assistant instructor for the beginner's Taekwon-Do class since 2002. In addition to being an assistant instructor she has been the head instructor for the Little Tigers Program (age 3-5) class since September 2008. She enjoys working with the younger students and seeing their excitement and energy as they progress and learn Taekwon-Do.