Sarratt Village Hall is now using Hallmaster Diary System Version 2 so that you have to use your email address and a password to login to make bookings. If you've booked with us before through Hallmaster Version 1, you are 'registered' in the V2 system and we have sent you a password to login with. If you are a new user you will have to put in your own new password to make a booking.
 You have to login before adding a booking using the '+' sign on the day and hall required in the diary page - it will then ask you to login - use the right hand login box for 'Existing Users', if you are a registered user, otherwise use the left hand box for 'New User'.
Please note passwords must be at least 6 characters including a capital letter. The characters must ONLY be letters or numbers.

  To view availability of the village hall rooms, click on the link below. If you plan to request a booking on-line please read the notes below first.
Note: you can view the diary through this link without logging in.

                                               -- LINK to Hallmaster V2 Diary --                                      
You have to enter a descriptive name for your event (please give it a sensible descriptive name. e.g. Zumba Class, or Tango Dance or Wedding Reception - not your own name!), set your date/times, choose an activity and add a description of your event. 
You have to choose an activity - but don't worry as we (at Sarratt) don't use this, so just choose from whatever comes up. 
Please ignore the 'Line Items - we also don't use them.
You also have to choose the Privacy Setting for your event: -
 * Private which means that no details of your booking except the room and times and the label 'Private Event' will be shown - you might use this for a children's birthday party, and so on.
 * Public which means that the event name, organiser/contact name, phone number and email address, and the description of your event will be shown on the website - you can use these to advertise your event, e.g. to describe it and ask customers to ring/email the contact name to book tickets, etc. 
* Public - contact details hidden which means that only the event name and the description of your event will be shown on the website - you might use this for a club meeting or similar, so that the club members know when and where to go, but contact details are not needed. 
 You must enter all these items to request the booking, so be prepared to do so - you can of course just telephone or email our Booking Clerk in the usual way if you prefer not to book on-line. Do not worry if you enter these items and get them wrong - our Booking Clerk is able to change them for you later.
If you have any special requirements, such as use of the main kitchen, undertaking Licensable Activities (alcohol, music, dancing), or needing the caretaker to put out chairs and tables or adjust the stage height, please type these into the 'Special Requirements' box. Note that you can also use the form to book multiple rooms for the same times or to make recurring bookings for the same event.
If you have entered all the required information with your booking request you will see 'Booking Confirmation' on the screen and your request will immediately appear in the diary (although you will have to cause a screen refresh to see it), at this stage it is a 'Provisional Booking' and has to be confirmed by the Booking Clerk.
If there is any problem with the data you have entered the 'Create Booking' screen stays in view, and it puts 'It looks like some of the information you have entered is incorrect or incomplete. Please review the form and try again' at the top of the form, and there is a text comment in red by the incorrect field.
If you are attempting to book a time which is already booked, it puts 'The dates of this booking clash with other dates in the calendar, or they don't end after they begin.' in red at the top of the form.
If you enter your booking request on-line as above, the Booking Clerk will subsequently confirm your booking request or remove your booking request if she is not able to confirm it. The Booking Clerk's reply will then be sent to the email address that you entered.
If the Booking Clerk requires you to fill in a BOOKING FORM, you can download one from the bottom of this page (click on the down arrow at the right), and print it.  
The hall has the following rooms, which can be booked separately:
  • Front Hall - a smaller hall, capacity 20-30 persons, can be booked separately if the Main Hall is not in use
  • Main Hall - the largest hall, capacity about 200 persons, always booked together with the Front Hall
  • Rear Hall - a smaller hall, capacity about 50 persons,
  • Upper Rear Room - a larger meeting room, on the first floor, capacity about 20 persons.
  • Upper Gallery Room - a smaller meeting room, on the first floor, capacity about 20 persons.
The main kitchen is available for use with the Front Hall or Main Hall. There is a kitchenette available for use with the rear hall and meeting rooms.
Please try to use the following times for any bookings or queries about the hiring of the hall.
Our Booking Clerk is available at the Hall each week on Tuesday between 10.00am and 4.00pm.
For personal callers use the rear entrance lobby and the bell push on the left hand side to call the clerk. Please phone first to save a wasted journey as there are events taking place in the hall on most days.

To contact the Booking Clerk, ring 01923 265881, and leave a message on the answerphone,
if there is no answer - the clerk will get back to you as soon as possible, which may be the next time they are in the office at the hall.

or email:

The Hall Caretaker, Pete Watker can be booked to assist hirers to set up or put away for their meetings – Pete is booked through the Booking Clerk when the booking is made (via the 'Special Requirements' box), or via forms which are on the notice board in the front hall of the village hall. Please fill in and send to the Booking Clerk.

The hall is fully licensed under the 2003 Licensing Act and Larry Griffiths is our Licensing Supervisor. He will need to discuss with potential hirers their requirements and responsibilities if they wish to have ‘licensable activities`, such as music, dance, plays, films or the consumption of alcohol. Please mention any of these in the 'Special Requirements' box. To contact the Licensing Supervisor, email  .

VIEWING THE HALL please note arrangements MUST be made through our Booking Clerk as we cannot allow other people`s events to be interrupted.
Hall hire costs will be sent on completion of the booking form.
Examples of our rates (for 2020) appear below: -
   Hourly charges for the main hall are from £51.91 an hour for parties and similar functions,
   or from £38.72 an hour for general purposes, such as club meetings etc.
   Hourly charges for the smaller rooms are from £15.30 an hour for general purposes.
   Charges for major functions, such as weddings, are from £1094.12 for the whole hall complex for the whole day (8 am to 11 pm).     We also have set rates for 1/2 day or 3/4 day use for major functions.
   Commercial event charges are available on request.
The hiring rates are normally increased each year in line with the official inflation index.
Click on the down arrow at the right of the line below to download a complete booking form pack, which you can print, fill in and post to the Booking Clerk.

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