1. Short description

XLSX Workbench is a well proven tool for design an Excel-based forms in the SAP environment. It is very easy to learn and use, due to a completely visual approach to developing forms (such as SMARTFORMS).

Visual approach of XLSX Workbench allows you to develop printing form even without ABAP skills.

Despite the ease of use, XLSX Workbench is a powerful and very flexible tool and is suitable for development both of simple forms and complicated dynamic forms with pictures, charts, hierarchies, and other formatting features. Withal, XLSX Workbench provides a high performance of generation of the resultant file of printing form.

Printing form is being generated with a modern file format .XLSX and .XLSM (VBA-macro enabled), which is native for Microsoft Excel (2007 and above); that file formats are also supported by many other programs (eg, Open Office).

Printing form is being generated without using of Microsoft Excel application, it makes possible to get result in the background jobs SAP.

If You will choose .XLSM file format , You can embed Your own VBA-macro, which, of course, can only be run in dialogue mode.