I've never owned a film camera. I've had a few Kodak snappy-type digital cameras and then a "Fujifilm Finepix 9600" that I used for about a year before finding it was starting to limit what I wanted to do. I moved on to a Nikon D60....

But I am now currently taking pictures with a Nikon D5100 and Nikon P330.

I've been a Flickr member since June 2007 and it's a great place to see other peoples great work as well as get feedback on my own. This is where you will find my current and favourite photos. Have a look at all of them in my Flickr Stream.

I also use Google+ and Google Photos.

The photos on Google are an extended/larger set of those from Flickr, is much more general in subject and includes older ones from holidays and travel too. There is a gap between 2007 and 2013 when I was using Flickr more that Google.

For links to specific Google albums (grouped by year and activity) see the sub-page links at the bottom of THIS page.
I've also also created chronological albums containing all photos in a date range - to save looking at each album separately.

Links to the Google Photo Albums are below on sub-pages (due to Google making sharing albums harder on Google+).