About Me (Sandman1973)

About Me Last Updated: 07/09/2016

Hi, I'm Paul Jordan, age 43 and a vegetarian(since 1987).

I'm currently living in Westbury (Wiltshire, England) with Louise. We have two daughters called Holly and Madeleine.

I no longer have my cat (Shelly) who died in 2015 age about 19-20.

A `family` computer (the good old rubber key specy), was bought for the Christmas of 1984 and I have been writing software since.

After leaving school and college I worked for 3 years in someone`s attic as a Computer Programmer (C++). Following that I worked for 7 years at the National Trust as an Analyst Programmer (Delphi).

I'm currently working as a Senior Software Engineer (Delphi) for Hitachi (Formally TRE) in Bradford upon Avon and write railway simulation software.

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