Game and Puzzle Books

I've collected most of the interesting Gamebooks and a lot of Picture Puzzle Books.

Follow the links above to see what I've collected over the years.

If you are interested in making a Game Book, you might like my Game book writer/editor software. It allows you to write fighting fantasy like game books and has lots of neat features. You'll find more about this on my Programming page.

Below you'll find related links on the subject.

Game Book Links

Wizard books - Fighting Fantasy get reprinted June 4 2002!
Advanced Fighting Fantasy - A great Fighting Fantasy Resource.
Fighting Fantasy - A good resource - no longer seems to be updated.
Fighting Fantasy(nz) - Continuing where the above site left off!
Leisa`s Interactive Fiction Page - Interactive Fiction of the Infocom type
The Aon Project - The Ultimate Lone wolf resource - ebooks for free.
Demian's Gamebook Web Page - Includes a list of `all` gamebooks.
YAZTROMO`S Fighting Fantasy Site - Fighting Fantasy Gamebook site.
Gamebooks - Another Gamebook site.
Project Aon - Lone Wolf Books available for download.
Home of the Underdogs - Gamebooks available for download. (again) - (Page with loads of amateur game books to download on).
Fabled Lands - Will this page ever happen?
T.I.M.E (falcon information database) - Falcon fan site. Under construction.

Puzzle Book Links

Alchemy - An old old of print book - now on-line.
Maze - An old old of print book - now on-line.
Planetarium - On-line words and picture puzzle
The Armchair treasure hunt club - Word and picture puzzle hunters club!
About - Puzzles - About forum for puzzles.
The Merlin Mystery - Official site.
The Merlin Mystery - Unofficial forum - since the official one did not work!
Beholder presents Planetarium - Nice online puzzle.
Pixelcraft - Alchemy - Another online puzzle - originally a book.
Tales of Grin - The Magic Opening Chord. A new treasure hunt linked to a children`s book.
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