We started Geocaching on the 24th Febuary 2007 and are enjoying the hobby. A great way to combine my technical skills and Louise's wanting to go and have walks. It is also is giving us some fresh air and good excersise. It also gives me the chance practice my photography. You'll find my GeoCaching pictures on Flickr and older ones on Picasa. Or have a look at our GeoCaching profile if you are interested.

Notable Cache Finds
Event Date Details
Started 21/02/2007 Registered Account and began GeoCaching.
#0001 24/02/2007 Church of St Mary the Virgin
#0050 18/04/2007 Top of the Pops - The 60's
3rd Place 20/05/2007 Stonehenge Micro
2nd Place 10/06/2007 The Devil's Bed & Bolster
2nd Place 10/06/2007 A nice spot for a picnic
#0100 01/07/2007 The Deverills - Longbridge
#1 Hidden 14/10/2007 Underneath Lieth the Key
5 Miles 23/12/2007 Cleared all 57 caches within our home's 5 miles radius.
#2 Hidden 12/01/2008 Cosmic Symphony

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