How to handle the Next Generation

In July, we had a meeting with 15 students from 6 villages. The meeting took over 2 hours. The students shared their views and thoughts on parents, teachers and society in general. We have audio recordings of the interaction. It is amazing to listen to the young minds. They are quite open to discuss issues. They all wanted such gatherings to continue and next time their parents wanted to be involved in as well. The Grama Samskrithy event on 2 Jan 2016 is meant for the same.

The next generation does not have a platform. They do not think there is a generation gap. They think that there is less communication. One of them put it well - there is no difference between the old and new generations - but there is something new with the new generation.

We have a responsibility to provide them with the communication channels leading to unleashing their capabilities. Let us join hands here to make it happen.

In July 2015, the "Symposium on The Art & Science of Learning" [] was organized at AIT Palakkad. The Grama Samskrithy event on 2 Jan 2016 is to take the symposium to a different level where we have to start from ground up.

To lead to,

Ignite, Inspire and Empower Educators to Understand What Someone is Truly Capable of