grama samskrithy

Natural ability without education has more often attained to glory and virtue than education without natural ability - Cicero

“Academics can change the world—if they stop talking only to their peers. Research and creative thinking can change the world. This means that academics have enormous power. But, the overwhelming majority are not shaping today’s public debates. Instead, their work is largely sitting in academic journals that are read almost exclusively by their peers. It is estimated that an average journal article is ‘read completely by no more than ten people.’ A lot of great thinking and many potentially world-altering ideas are not getting into the public domain.” Reference: [].Grama Samskrithy [] is an attempt in the direction to bring academics and professionals to their grassroots. It is an initiative that aims to assimilate the essence and beauty of rural life. Through networking, Grama Samskrithy intends to provide a platform for active interaction among academics, professionals and the common man.Willing young minds, through proper guidance and association, will be inspired to bring about changes that can empower future generations.

  1. How to handle the new generation - discussions with school children, parents, teachers and public :: 2 Jan 2016, Venue: AIT Palakkad
  2. Vaastu - live home, changing food habits and consequences, Energy conservation in homes, Social media - a boon or bane : 28 Dec 2014, Venue: Vadakkepat Ashtami-Rohini
  3. Headaches, Childhood issues, Vector borne diseases and Ecoprenuer : 30 Dec 2012, Venue: Vadakkepat Ashtami-Rohini
    1. Personal relationships, Kalari demonstration, Robotics : 30 Dec 2009, Venue: Vadakkepat Ashtami-Rohini
  4. Seminars, Painting Exhibition and Painting Competition : 22 Dec 2007, Venue: Vadakkepat Ashtami-Rohini
  5. Chakyaarkooth : 22 Oct 2007, Venue: Vadakkepat Ashtami-Rohini
  6. Soujanya Medical Camp : 31 Dec 2006, Venue: Vadakkepat Ashtami-Rohini
  7. Seminar and cultural programmes : 9 July 2006, Venue: Vadakkepat Ashtami-Rohini

Taking part and contributing to Grama Samskrithy is a voluntary activity.

If you wish to contribute to grama samskrithy, email to:

Grama Samskrithy aims to provide a platform to extend possible assistance to the needy along seminars, medical camps, career guidance, etc.

The issues that will come under the preview of this venture spans across, but not limited to, Agricultural, Social (divorce rates, nuclear families, the aged …), Environmental (green chemistry, towards a better tomorrow ...), Educational (resources, guidance ...), Carrier guidance, Personal health / Medical issues, Financial management, Insurance (how to claim, tax benefits, preventive measures), Good parenting, Good social and cultural habits, Insight into habits of highly effective people, etc.

... to empower the future generations