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After unsuccessful attempts to enter the medical field, my backup option was to enter the world of teaching. I found my interest in teaching while working as an instructional aide in a special educational classroom back in 2006. One of our responsibilities was to include our students in general education classrooms. I always enjoyed science since childhood and when I took our students to science class, I was able to explain concepts and theories to them. During my three years there, I built strong relationships with the science teachers and earned their respect with my knowledge of biology/chemistry. They allowed me to help out their students from time to time and sometimes asked me to clarify certain facts. At the same time, I was also a youth minister working with middle and high school teens. I learned how to construct Bible lesson plans and teach them, furthermore I improved my public speaking and I learned how to control a classroom. I learned a tremendous amount about myself and the art of teaching. Since then I went on to receive my biology degree in 2010 to pursue a career in the medical field, specifically physician assistant. During my application periods, I got a job working as a substitute teacher because I wanted to keep my science knowledge up-to-date and make some money. I was employed by a charter school in Pacioma and for the last three years have been teaching various science class: general science, environmental science, chemistry, and anatomy & physiology. Things did not not work out with regards to the medical field, however I earned a secondary teaching credential in Life Science. I believe my background in teaching environments, over five years of study in the field of biology, a former Emergency Medical Technician, and back office medical assistant have prepared me enough to succeed in this career path. There are plenty of things I still need to improve on and I want to continue to learn how to teach effectively. Therefore, for all these reasons and my background I want to further my learning experiences in a school environment and continue to climb up the ladder of education and give my students the optimal teaching experience so they can reach their goals.

Classes Taught

12th grade Anatomy & Physiology

11-12th grade Forensics

11th grade Chemistry

10th grade Environmental Science

9th-10th College Prep/Honors Biology Science

9th grade Geoscience

8th grade Physical Science

7th grade Life science

6th grade Earth Science


Royal High School (2000)

Moorpark College (2000-2003)

B.A. Biology CSUN (2007-2010)

Science Credential (2012-2013)

Masters in Science Education (2016-2018)


When I am not invested in my students, I love to unwind by kayaking, surfing, hiking, camping, fishing and photography. I love to capture my adventures on film or stills. I enjoy creating films, photo albums, and slideshows of my outdoor activities, then I use creative media in my classroom. Furthermore I love relaxing outdoors and listening to the sounds of nature and reflect on God's majesty. Although I have focused my studies on biology, I am student of all sciences and enjoy learning about the different disciplines within science: astronomy to zoology. If not outdoors, then I enjoy watching sports (Lakers, Penguins, and Vikings), listening to 80's music, and playing a few rounds on my Xbox 1.

Materials Wish List

KleenexHand sanitizerPaper towelsClorox wipesWhite printer paperScissors/GlueMasking Tape/Scotch Tape