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Kennel Rosdiwa's 

Cavalier king charles spaniels & Australian Silky Terries


Few words about us....I'm a young breeder in Finland. We live in small village in western Finland. In our home village lives only 8000 people. The first bigger town near to us is Seinäjoki.

We have a wonderful jogging paths, and what a good home to live with the dogs. I live with my husband and we have in home 6 dogs, 2 silkies and 4 cavaliers. Our dogs live as family members. Dogs are big part of our life, We go around Finlad to Dog shows, only few weekends in year, we are in home.

Our first litter born 2008 and after that have been born 11 litters. 6 litters Cavaliers and 5 litters silkies. We starting our breeding with cavaliers but now we are focusing on Silky terriers big part of our resources. But always at least one cavaliers lives with us.

Our breeding we want that dogs are healthy and beautiful. And healthy is most important to us, that is thing what we will not compromise. All our dogs are checked about health, not only dogs what we use in breeding. Beautiful silky is not too small or too big, it have enough colour and wonderful correct temperament.

I hope that you enjoy visiting our websites. You are warmly welcome back again!.


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 Puppy plans

Unfortunately you can find here information about our dogs and plans only in finnish, but if you want like to know shomething in english (e.g. about our dogs or plans), don't hesitate to contact us by email.