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9 FEB 2016 Added a reference to a new paper by Kaburu & Newton-Fisher (in Scientific Reports) to the page 'Grooming in primates. A comment can be found on my ScoopIt-page page

4 JAN 2016
Added a link to a new review of biological markets written by Peter Hammerstein and myself that was published January 4, 2016 in PhilTransB (page 'Publications')

4 NOV 15
Added a reference to a paper by Walder & Van der Heijden on BMT in mycorrhiza (in Nature Plants) to the page BM: nutrient exchange symbiosis. A comment can be found on my ScoopIt-page

25 OCT 15
Added a reference to a paper by Sanchez-Amaro & Amici on markets in primates (Animal Behaviour) to the page on Grooming in primates. If you look for my reaction to this, then please see my ScoopIt-page

For videos of the "Forbidden Circle Game", see the Vervet research page (the market experiment) and "BM: grooming in primates"

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