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16 May 2016 Added a new page on the cooperation experiments done by my master students in cooperation with the kea lab of the Messerli Institute (Vienna, Austria)

15 May 2016 Added a first publication that results from the cooperation experiments conducted by my master students from Strasbourg (in this case Elodie Jocteur) with the keas of the Messerli Institute (Veterinarian University Vienna) to my Publications list. More such papers will follow!

10 May 2016 Added references to the dispute between Kiers and colleagues and van der Heijden & Walder in Nature Plants to 'BM: nutrient exchange symbiosis

10 May 2016 Added a reference and link to a rebuttal of a review by Sanchez-Amara & Amici (AnimBehav 2015) by Kaburu & Newton-Fisher (in press Animal Behaviour) to the page 'Grooming in primates. A comment can be found on my ScoopIt-page 

23 April 2016 Added a references to a paper by Argüello et al (Ecology Letters) to the page on 'nutrient exchange symbiosis. See my ScoopIt-page  for more recent BM-papers. 

20 March 2016 Added a reference to my updated contribution to the Behavioral Neuroscience encyclopedia to 'Publications'

9 February 2016 Added a reference to a new paper by Kaburu & Newton-Fisher (in Scientific Reports) to the page 'Grooming in primates. A comment can be found on my ScoopIt-page 

4 January 2016
Added a link to a new review of biological markets written by Peter Hammerstein and myself that was published January 4, 2016 in PhilTransB (page 'Publications')

For videos of the "Forbidden Circle Game", see the Vervet research page (the market experiment) and "BM: grooming in primates"

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