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5 JAN 2019  Added a link to a story Daniel Cossins wrote about BMT for the Christmas Issue 2018 of New Scientist

1 SEP 18 I retired and moved back to The Netherlands

31 AUG 18 Noë & Kiers 2018 (TREE) published online

31 JUL 18 The paper Noë, R. & E. Toby Kiers. 2018. Mycorrhizal markets, firms and co-ops. Trends in Ecology & Evolution was accpeted today

4 APR 18 The invisible paw - interviews about biological markets on Freakonomics radio (podcast & transcript) - on page 'External BM links'

For videos of the "Forbidden Circle Game", see the Vervet research page (the market experiment) and "BM: grooming in primates"

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New references concerning Biological Markets, with my comments, can be found here:

'Biological Markets' on ScoopIt! 

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