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27 MAY 2024: I have no dedicated page for nursery pollination (yet), but if I create one this paper will certainly be listed: Kulkarni, Naik & Borges (2024). Who holds the reins? Context-dependent resource allocation in the mutualism between fig trees and their fig wasp pollinators. Oecologia

23 MAY 2024: Added a reference to Chen, Ge, Zhou, Du & Mace (2024). Gender inequality in workloads explained by operational sex ratio. iScience, 110063 to the list 'Human mating markets' on the page mating markets

29 APR 2024: Added a reference to a paper that uses yellow baboons as the main example for a proposed extension of biological market theory: Fowler, Potratz, Malone, Halloway, Peplinski & Brown (2024). Looking at the bid picture: A framework for identifying reverse auctions in ecological systems. Journal of Animal Ecology to the 'Non-human mating markets' on the page mating markets 

Ronald Noë

Ronald Noë

I returned to The Netherlands after my retirement in September 2018. The best way to contact me is by email:

ronald.noe (you-know-wh'at')

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retired professor of Psychology, University of Strasbourg, France

behavioural ecology, evolution of cooperation and mutualism, biological market theory

mostly African primates and a bit of rooks, kea and arbuscular mycorrhiza

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