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16 JUL 2019 Removed a link to my ScoopIt page "Biological Markets". I no longer post titles, abstracts and comments of new papers on biological markets on this page. The reason to stop is dissatisfaction with the ScoopIt-site. The 50 last posts are here

20 JUN 2019 Updated the page on nutrient exchange markets by adding some links to recent papers by Noë & Kiers (2018) and Whiteside et al (2019)

6 JUN 2019 Added a link to a new paper on mycorrhizal trading to Publications Whitesides etal 2019 Current Biology

5 JAN 2019  Added a link to a story Daniel Cossins wrote about BMT for the Christmas Issue 2018 of New Scientist

For videos of the "Forbidden Circle Game", see the Vervet research page (the market experiment) and "BM: grooming in primates"

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