What's new?

27 May 2015
Added a link to Allison Abbott's review of Redouan Bshary's work on fish cognition  (Nature 28 May 2015) on page BM: cleaner mutualisms

22 May 2015
... and made those videos public (which I forgot the 19th)

19 May 2015
Added videos to the pages "Forbidden Circle Game", the Vervet research page (the market experiment) and "BM: grooming in primates"

17 May 2015
Added a references to Hellmann et al. (2015) supporting BMT in a cooperatively breeding cichlid fish to the 'cooperative breeders' page

15 May 2015
Added a new paper by Debove, André & Baumard (2015, ProcRSocB) to the 'human fairness' page

Ronald Noë

  • professor, Psychology
Université de Strasbourg

Ethologie Evolutive

Département Ecologie, Physiologie et Ethologie (DEPE)

IPHC (CNRS UMR 7178) - 23 rue Becquerel

Strasbourg  67087 CEDEX, France


tel(+33) (0) 388 96 59 61

ronald.noe (you-know-wh'at') gmail.com


From 2017 onwards ....

I'll end my activities in Strasbourg after the academic year 2016/17

I would be interested, 
under certain conditions, in working and lecturing (behavioural ecology, evolution of cooperation, animal cognition, human evolution) elsewhere in 2017/2018

Please don't hesitate to contact me, if you would like to discuss the options