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7 JAN 2021: listed the reference to the reaction by Prescott and colleagues to my Letter in TREE "Waste can be traded with mutualistic partners" on my publications page

7 JAN 2021: added my affiliation to the research group of Athena Aktipis at the Arizona State University and the Cooperation Science Network that was initiated by her to my Mini-cv

2 JAN 2021: added the reference to a new paper just accepted in Learning & Behavior: "Kea, Nestor notabilis, achieve cooperation in dyads, triads and tetrads when dominants show restraint." (page publications)

Ronald Noë

Ronald Noë

I returned to The Netherlands after my retirement in September 2018. The best way to contact me is by email:

ronald.noe (you-know-wh'at')

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retired professor of Psychology, University of Strasbourg, France

behavioural ecology, evolution of cooperation and mutualism, biological market theory

mostly African primates and a bit of rooks, kea and arbuscular mycorrhiza

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